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Cancer Specialists


Patients who come to UCLA benefit from care provided by experts from different specialties who work together to help them contend with the immediate and long-term challenges of cancer. Team-oriented, state-of-the-art care for cancer patients who do not require hospitalization is provided in outpatient cancer (oncology) care centers in Alhambra, IrvinePasadenaPorter Ranch, Santa ClaritaSanta MonicaSimi ValleyTorrance, Westlake Village and Westwood. Patients who require hospitalization can receive care at Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center, UCLA Medical Center, Santa Monica, or Mattel Children's Hospital UCLA.

Visit our Cancer Health Center for in-depth information on the prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and care of cancer patients. 

Support, education and wellness for cancer patients and their families are integral to the comprehensive services offered at UCLA. We also offer a number of programs for those at high risk of cancer due to family history or inherited genetic mutations associated with cancer.

Cancer specialists at UCLA have an international reputation for developing new cancer therapies, providing the best in experimental and traditional treatments and expertly guiding and training the next generation of medical researchers. Successful targeted therapies such as Herceptin, Gleevec and Sprycel were developed based on basic science done in UCLA's Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer Center laboratories and, later, in clinical research studies with UCLA patients. UCLA's Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer Center consistently ranks among the top cancer centers nationwide by U.S.News & World Report.


Abemayor, Elliot MD
Aberle, Denise MD
Abtin, Fereidoun MD
Adams, Thompson MD
Apple, Sophia MD
Applebaum, Steven MD
Arita, Haruo MD
Aronson, William MD
Arzoo, Karo MD
Ashori, Mohammad MD
Ashouri, Shahryar MD
Atkinson, James MD


Bajaj, Madhu MD
Barstis, John MD
Bassett, Lawrence MD
Batra, Poonam MD
Batzdorf, Ulrich MD
Beaven, Simon MD
Beddingfield, Frederick MD, PhD
Behroozan, Daniel MD
Belldegrun, Arie MD
Bennett, Richard MD
Bennion, Robert MD
Berke, Gerald MD
Berkowitz, Maurice MD
Black, Alexander MD
Blackwell, Keith MD
Braun, Jonathan MD
Britten, Carolyn MD
Brown, Kathleen MD
Busuttil, Ronald MD, PhD


Callahan, Rena MD
Cameron, Robert MD
Casillas, Jacqueline MD
Cassarino, David MD
Chandler, Charles MD
Chang, Helena MD
Chiu, Melvin MD
Chmielowski, Bartosz MD
Cloughesy, Timothy MD
Cohen, Melissa MD
Cole, Daniel MD
Coluzzi, Paul MD
Cooper, Christopher MD
Cotliar, Jonathan MD
Crandall, Carolyn MD
Cyran, Francis MD
Czernin, Johannes MD


De Salles, Antonio MD, PhD
De Vos, Sven MD, PhD
DeBruhl, Nanette MD
DeKernion, Jean MD
Denny, Christopher MD
Derezin, Marvin MD
DeUgarte, Daniel MD
Donahue, Timothy, MD
Dorigo, Oliver MD
Douglas, Raymond MD, PhD
Drakaki, Alexandra MD
Dubinett, Steven MD
Duffy, John MD
Dulai, Gareth MD
Durazo, Francisco MD


Eilber, Frederick MD
Eilber, Frederick (Fritz C) MD
Eisner, Robin MD
Eradat, Herbert MD
Esrailian, Eric MD, MPH


Farmer, Douglas MD
Farrell, James MD
Feldman, Nancy MD
Ferrante, Francis MD
Festekjian, Jaco MD
Finn, Richard MD
Fishbein, Michael MD
Foster, Nova MD
Frank, Gerard MD


Ganz, Patricia MD
Garon, Edward MD
Garraway, Isla MD, PhD
Gelberg, Lillian MD
Getzug, Terri MD
Getzug, Terri MD
Glaspy, John MD
Goldman, Jonathan MD
Goldstein, Leonard MD
Gomes, Antoinette MD
Greco, Joseph MD


Han, Steven-Huy MD
Heaney, Anthony MD
Heber, David MD
Hecht, Joel MD
Hines, Oscar MD
Hiyama, Darryl MD
Ho, Wendy MD
Holland, Gary MD
Holmes, Elbert MD
Hong, Johnny MD
Horwich, Tamara MD
Hoyt, Anne MD
Hu, Eddie H. MD, FACP
Huang, Jiaoti MD, PhD
Hui, KaKit MD
Hurvitz, Sara MD


Jensen, Dennis MD
Juillard, Guy MD
Jutabha, Rome MD


Kabbinavar, Fairooz MD
Kadell, Barbara MD
Kaplan, Richard MD
Kaul, Anita MD
Ke, Malcolm MD
Kedeshian, Paul MD
Kee, Stephen MD
Yi-Kong Keung, MD, FACP
Kim, Christina MD
Kim, Jenny MD, PhD
Klein, Robert MD
Kohn, Donald MD
Korenman, Stanley MD
Kovacs, Thomas MD


Langevin, Kathy MD
Lask, Gary MD
Lassman, Charles MD, PhD
Lazareff, Jorge MD
Lee, Delphine MD
Lee, Jay MD
Lee, Patrick MD
Lee, Percy MD
Lee, Roger MD
Lee, Steve MD
Leff, David MD
Levine, Michael MD
Liau, Linda MD
Lipa, Joan MD
Litwin, Mark MD
Lo, Roger MD, PhD
Lu, David MD
Lu, Nu MD


Maly, Rose MD
Mao, Jenny MD
Marden, Victor MD
Marks, Leonard MD
Masterson, Michael MD
McCannel, Tara MD, PhD
Memarzadeh, Sanaz MD, PhD
Miller, Lloyd MD, PhD
Mischel, Paul MD
Mitsuyasu, Ronald MD
Modlin, Robert MD
Moore, Theodore MD


Naeim, Arash MD
Nel, Andre MD


Ochoa, Maria MD
Orecklin, James MD
Ovsiowitz, Mark MD


Palmer, Martin MD
Pantuck, Allan MD
Paquette, Ronald MD
Peddi, Parvin MD
Petrowsky, Henrik MD
Pietras, Richard MD, PhD
Pinter-Brown, Lauren MD
Pope, Whitney MD, PhD


Rahman, Siamak MD
Rajfer, Jacob MD
Raman, Steven MD
Rao, Jian Yu MD
Rawnsley, Jeffrey MD
Raz, Shlomo MD
Reber, Howard MD
Reiter, Robert MD
Rettig, Matthew MD
Riad, Maggy MD
Ribas, Antoni MD
Rivera, Seth MD, PhD
Rosen, Lee MD
Rosove, Michael MD
Roth, Bennett MD
Roth, Michael MD


Saab, Sammy MD, MPH, AGAF
Sack, Jonathan MD
Sadeghi, Saeed MD
Saigal, Christopher MD
Sakamoto, Kathleen MD
Schiller, Gary MD
Schmit, Paul MD
Schulam, Peter MD
Selch, Michael MD
Shew, Stephen, MD
Siegel, Ronald MD
Slamon, Dennis MD
Smith, Robert MD
Soriano, Teresa MD
Steckel, Richard MD
Steinberg, Michael MD
St. John, Maie MD, PhD
Straatsma, Bradley, MD, JD
Strouse, Thomas MD
Su, Thomas MD, PhD
Suh, Robert MD
Sul, James MD
Susanto, Irawan MD


Tap, William MD
Teitell, Michael MD
Territo, Mary MD
Tetef, Merry MD
Tillisch, Kirsten MD
Timmerman, John MD
Tomlinson, James MD


Wainberg, Zev MD
Wang, Marilene MD
Withers, Hubert MD
Wong, Deborah, MD, PhD
Wong, Steven MD


Yaghmai, Nazanin MD
Yeh, Michael MD
Yoo, James MD
Young, Lorraine MD


Zeltzer, Lonnie MD

For information on cancer specialists and cancer services at UCLA, contact Physician Referral Services at (800) UCLA-MD1 or (800) 825-2631. Fax: (310) 301-5391 | www.UCLAHealth.org/PRS