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UCLA Policies for Ethics Reference


UCLA Policies for Ethics Reference

1315 Organ and Tissue Donation

1316 End of Life-Palliative Care - Opiate Administration

1316.A Order Sheet Palliative Care - Adult

1319 Withdrawing or Withholding Medically Inappropriate Life Sustaining Treatment

1319.1 No CPR Orders

1319.2 Mechanical Ventilator Support - Terminal Weaning of

1321 Restraint

1333 EMTALA (Screening, Stabilization and Management of Emergency Transfers)

1346 Consent - Obtaining and Documenting

1347 Consent - Who May Give

1348 HIV Testing

HS 9401 Protection of Confidential Patient Information (Protected Health Information)

HS 9417 Management of Patient / Family / Visitor Complaints and Grievances

1330 Statement of Organizational Ethics