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Clinical Consultation




Clinical Consultation


What kind of comfort care will my patient receive?

Your patient will receive a variety of care, individualized upon assessment.  Our specialized clinicians can provide consultation for pain and symptom management, as well as quality of life planning for your patient.  We can also help facilitate decision making processes by aiding in intra/interdisciplinary communication and your communication with pediatric patients & their families.

Which patients and families would benefit from my referral?

Any of your pediatric patients who are coping with pain and/or other symptoms (anxiety, nausea, fatigue, etc.) related to chronic or life threatening conditions will benefit.  Although patients will benefit from services when decisions about care and treatment options have become problematic, palliative care can be provided to children at any stage of a life threatening illness and can be provided in conjunction with curative treatments.

Triggers to contact the Children’s Comfort Care Program team 

-  a patient experiencing unresolved pain or other distressing symptoms

-  a patient experiencing a rapid decline in health status

-  a patient experiencing deciding among curative and various comfort care treatment options

-  a patient with a life threatening or chronic illness

What services will the Children’s Comfort Care Program members facilitate?

-  Assisting the patient’s medical teams with guidance in pain and symptom management

-  Facilitating emotional, and spiritual support

-  Facilitating family coping skills, communication, and decision making

-  Assisting with quality of life planning and wishes for your patient

How can I make a referral?

A referral can be made by faxing in a CCCP team referral form, which is also on the forms portal under the key word “comfort.”  The referral must be completed and signed by the attending physician or nurse practitioner.  Other members of the health care team who desire a consultation may bring patient care issues to the team in the Comfort Corner (Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center, Suite 3-3207) and consult with one of our clinicians. We are a consult service and do not admit patients under our service.

 Clinical Service Hours:

MONDAY-THURSDAY:  9am – 5pm.
We are not a 24 hour service. Patient referrals are triaged by the clinical team by level of urgency
(see triage criteria on referral form for level of urgency).