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For Interpreters


For Interpreters

InterpreterUCLA Center for World Languages

UCLA's Center for World Languages – CWL– coordinates language research, teaching and evaluation programs. It develops innovative methods of second language education, advocate for their implementation and facilitate their transfer into formal classrooms and informal settings. CWL offers programs in partnership with other campus departments and schools, and with public and private institutions throughout the USA and abroad. To learn more about UCLA's CWL please visit www.international.ucla.edu/languages

The Language Materials Project

The UCLA Language Materials Project (LMP) is an on-line bibliographic database of teaching and learning materials for over 150 Less Commonly Taught Languages (LCTLs). Funded by the US Department of Education's International Education and Research program, the LMP was created in 1992. It is affiliated with the UCLA Center for World Languages. Both groups are members of the UCLA International Institute. To learn more about this project please visit www.lmp.ucla.edu

UC Consortium for Language Learning and Teaching

The UC Consortium for Language Learning and Teaching is a system-wide initiative designed to make the most effective use of UC's vast linguistic resources and expertise at a time when foreign language enrollments are increasing dramatically. The consortium fosters collaboration among and across the language programs at the UC campuses with an eye to increasing student access to language study through a combination of the best classroom practices, technological enhancements and EAP programs. For more information visit http://uccllt.ucdavis.edu/

UCLA Extension – Programs in Interpretation and Translation

The program is custom-designed to teach you how to do simultaneous interpretation and maximize your skills and vocabulary to work in a wide variety of industries. You can learn to:

  • Interpret and translate consecutively/simultaneously
  • Translate written material by sight
  • Develop specific vocabulary relevant to your chosen industries
  • Fine-tune your skills using effective listening, shadowing, retention and note-taking
  • Use techniques such as time delay, dual-tasking and terminology-research to improve results
  • Plus, maximize your skills to pass your exams with our special final course

Visit UCLA Extension at www.uclaextension.edu/interpretation