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wildfires - disaster preparednessEach year, fires kill more Americans than all natural disasters combined. Living in Southern California, wildfires, residential and structural fires are part of everyday life. Understanding the hazards in and around your home, could potentially save your home and your family.

  • Check your smoke detectors in your home every few months.
  • Clear all dry brush around your home and comply with your local fire department requirements regarding brush clearance.
  • Before opening any door, feel the door to determine if it is hot. If it is not, open it cautiously and stand behind the door. Be prepared to close it quickly.
  • If ordered to evacuate, do not hesitate. Exit routes may be blocked as a result of a wildfire.
  • Know evacuation routes out of your home, and at least 2 routes out of your neighborhood.
  • Keep fire extinguishers in your home; particularly the kitchen.
  • Teach all family members how to use them.
  • Keep at least a ½ a tank of gas in your vehicle.

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