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At UCLA Health, U are at the center of everything we do and the reason we come to work each day.

Share your photo and thought for the day with the thousands of others who, like U, look to UCLA Health for their medical care. Upload your photo to a social network with the hashtag #ItBeginsWithU. We look forward to hearing from U soon.

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David Mezquita kisses his 4-year-old daughter Vicky, who has liver #cancer and is undergoing treatment at Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center. To help the family pay for nursing care and to fix up the family's backyard that was destroyed in a fire, an organization of Westside teenagers raised money through a garage sale. #ItBeginsWithU
Read more of this inspiring story at http://ucla.in/1xadQC2

I am Ruben, and I am really into coloring. I can do it all day long. My favorite color is blue, and I love the Minions - who all wear BLUE pants! #ItBeginsWithU #MattelChildrensHospitalUCLA

Hi! I am Abby, and I am a patient at Mattel Children’s Hospital UCLA. I love to have fun in the playroom and have tea parties with all of my stuff animals. But my favorite thing to do is pretend I am the doctor with my penguin, Poopies, and make him feel better like the doctors here make me feel. #ItBeginsWithU

#UCLAPAC volunteers Victoria & Ernie are off to visit with patients. #furryfriends #ItBeginsWithU

"Losing a child is an anguish no parent should ever experience. It is utterly devastating. But how to move forward becomes the next challenge,” Paulinda Babbini said. “I knew I had to shine a light on Robin's memory and give her brief life a lasting purpose. Committing myself to fundraising to fight ovarian cancer keeps her in my heart.” Read more about Paulinda and the The Ovarian Cancer Circle/Inspired By Robin Babbini at http://ucla.in/1uTCJRd

UCLA Health is going to the dogs as we celebrate #NationalDogDay! These awesome dogs has visited over 100,000 patients for over 20 years! Learn more about our wonderful furry friends and support #UCLAPAC at http://ucla.in/IFDacm