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UCLA Health It Begins With U

Thank you for your patience

Thank you for your patience

thank U patients for your patienceThanks for your patience as we transition from paper charts and records to a more safe, secure and entirely electronic system.

Utilizing the best technology available, your digital medical records will now be immediately accessible to the doctors and healthcare providers directly involved in your care. This system will allow us to improve even further on our commitment to the privacy and security of your health information. 

The latest technology in healthcare and now the latest in recordkeeping.

As one of the nation's recognized leaders in healthcare, you know you can count on UCLA Health for the latest and most effective treatments.

Now we're ensuring your records also benefit from the latest technology. After all, better, faster access to information by your providers means better outcomes for you.

Here's how it makes life better for U

  • Soon your health records will be instantly available to doctors, right in the exam rooms at any of our locations.
  • Medical history, medications, allergies and treatment records will all be in one place.
  • Your health will be better protected by immediate flagging of drug allergies, abnormal test results or treatment conflicts.
  • You'll benefit from reduced office visits, thanks to more efficient scheduling of tests and follow-up procedures.
  • You'll be provided with prescriptions, lab results and referrals faster.
  • Your private health information will be protected by some of the latest safeguards to help ensure the privacy of your health information.
  • Eventually, you'll even be able to securely access and review your medical history, appointments, test results and more, online.