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A hospitalist is a physician who specializes in the practice of hospital medicine.

Following medical school, hospitalists typically undergo residency training in general internal medicine, general pediatrics, or family practice, but may also receive training in other medical disciplines. Some hospitalists undergo additional post residency training specifically focused on hospital medicine, or acquire other indicators of expertise in the field, such as the Society of Hospital Medicine's Fellowship in Hospital Medicine (FHM) or the American Board of Internal Medicine's Recognition of Focused Practice (RFP) in Hospital Medicine.

Most medical centers across the country, including UCLA, now put patients under the care of a hospitalist while they are in the hospital. In addition to easing the burden on the patient's primary-care physician, this brings benefits in terms of quality of care. Because they treat them full time, hospitalists are likely to be more abreast of the latest developments in inpatient care, more skilled in the management of the acute conditions that get patients admitted, and better able to navigate the hospital system.

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