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Pelvic Medicine, Incontinence & Reconstructive Surgery


The Department of Urology

Pelvic Medicine, Incontinence & Reconstructive Surgery

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At the Division of Pelvic Medicine, Incontinence and Reconstructive Surgery at UCLA, we provide sensitive, innovative care for a full spectrum of conditions including:

  • Incontinence
  • Overactive bladder
  • Vaginal prolapse
  • Voiding Dysfunction
  • Reconstructive urological surgery

The Division of Pelvic Medicine, Incontinence and Reconstructive Surgery has been a recognized leader in developing new treatments for female urology conditions for over 28 years. Dr. Shlomo Raz pioneered many of the innovations that today are the standards of care worldwide for such conditions as vaginal and uterine prolapse, urinary incontinence, pelvic floor disorders, voiding dysfunction, and surgical reconstruction after cancer for urethral abnormalities.

Through ongoing research and continuous innovation, the division has pioneered many of the pelvic medicine treatments that today have become the standards of care worldwide. Pelvic Medicine, Incontinence and Reconstructive Surgery patients at UCLA receive the latest information on pelvic medicine disorders, as well as access to the newest treatments that evolve from our research.

Our goal is to provide compassionate, individualized care to women suffering from these conditions, restoring their quality of life as optimally as possible. Both male and female patients will have access to a full range of non-surgical, minimally invasive, surgical and alternative treatments for urinary incontinence and voiding dysfunction. In addition, we offer expert care in chronic urinary conditions such as interstitial cystitis and overactive bladder.

Telephone Number
(310)794-7700 Appointments and information

Provider Specialty
Baxter, Zachery Chad MD Urology
Kim, Ja-Hong MD Urology
Raz, Shlomo MD Urology

Body System Location
Kidneys and Urinary System

Age/Sex Gender
Women's Health
Men's Health

Practice Locations

UCLA Female Urology and Pelvic Medicine Clinic
924 Westwood Blvd., Ste. 520
Los Angeles, CA 90095

Frank Clark Urology Center - Santa Monica
1260 Fifteenth St., Ste. 1200
Santa Monica, CA 90404