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UCLA Institute for Innovation in Health


Welcome to the Institute for Innovation in Health

The Institute for Innovation in Health brings together innovators from across UCLA and beyond - to deliver transformational change in healthcare.   
We celebrate and respect all innovation contributions by UCLA staff, act as a hub for collaboration, provide support, offer tools, solve problems, and release the creative potential of UCLA to address its system-wide goals.

Innovation for ImpactRead Innovation for Impact

Innovation for Impact is the goal of UCLA Health's new Institute for Innovation in Health. Learn more about our Innovation Life Cycle (Healthcare Strategy Alert on Innovation, 2012).

Our Tasks

  • Help identify and foster the accelerators that will help us everyday.
  • Address our most significant challenges as a health system.
  • Champion large scale innovations and bring them to the point of impact. 

Our Vision

The UCLA Innovation Institute will foster, convene and lead Innovation to transform the delivery of care within the UCLA Health and in regional, national and global partnerships. Our model of change is based on collaborative, accountable networks that engage talented clinicians and health system staff with empowered patients, consumers, payors, government, technology developers and other stakeholders. Our goal is to radically transform the value of healthcare by building an enduring platform to accelerate innovation at UCLA that improves quality, engages patients and reduces the net cost of care.

Our Mission

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UCLA Institute for Innovation in Health

During the next five years, the UCLA Health will implement fundamental innovations in patient care to dramatically improve the quality and efficiency of healthcare services for our patients, extend the geographic reach and breadth of services provided, and assume a leading role as an innovator in healthcare delivery among national and international academic health systems. A hallmark of the UCLA approach to innovation will be the identification of specific, system-wide objectives for each broad initiative, with accountability for the development and deployment of the initiative in order to advance the goals of the UCLA Health.

Innovations in care delivery have the potential to create discontinuous, ground-breaking improvements in clinical outcomes, in patient engagement and satisfaction, in population health and the total cost of care under a variety of payment structures, in access to clinical professional excellence, and in advances in the science of innovation itself.  UCLA is already one of the largest and most distinguished academic health systems in the nation. We will sustain and advance that lead by implementing dramatic innovations in medical care, establishing a network of partnerships and alliances to extend the depth and reach of our clinical capabilities, and building national and international platforms to engage innovators and academic leaders more broadly. These innovations will further establish UCLA as a leader among other academic medical centers, health systems, and policy makers, and strengthen UCLA's reputation and role as a contributor to innovation in healthcare.

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