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Who Will Take Care of My Child?


Who will take care of my child?

childThe lead (or charge) nurse is in charge of the nursing unit and serves as the liaison between your family and the nursing/medical staff. The lead (charge) nurse will do rounds at the beginning of each shift.

Because Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center is an academic medical center, many doctors at various stages of training may be involved with your child’s care. The attending physician is in charge of your child’s care and leads this team of doctors. The team may include residents (doctors who have completed medical school and are training in pediatrics), fellows (doctors in training beyond residency) and medical students (who attend the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA and who wear short white coats to distinguish themselves from your child’s doctors).

The doctors, including the attending physician, may rotate on and off during you child’s stay in the hospital. Each time this change occurs, the new physicians will introduce themselves to you as the replacement for the previous resident or attending physician. Team members consult regularly with one another to coordinate care.

The name of your child’s resident, along with the names of the nurse and the care partner for the current shift, will be written on a whiteboard in your child’s room and updated with each change.

Do not hesitate to ask anyone “Who are you?” or “How are you involved in my child’s care?” For your child’s safety, all UCLA staff are required to wear picture ID badges. Please do not allow your child to leave the unit with anyone who is not wearing an ID badge.