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UCLA Innovates HealthCare Initiative



Continuous improvement in the quality of healthcare delivered requires ongoing, effective innovation.  Such innovation is one of the most important functions of academic medicine and health.  And academic centers have, increasingly, sought to foster this innovation with the establishment of programs that facilitate research and development and link it more effectively with deployment and the broader adoption of innovations of clinical services.

UCLA is already widely recognized for excellence in clinical programs, quality of care, patient satisfaction, and many other dimensions of highest-quality, patient-centered care.  The UCLA community is also known for its vast intellectual capital, an unsurpassed spirit of collegiality, and rich history of entrepreneurism and innovation.  Taking full advantage of UCLA's existing capabilities, activities and opportunities to further advance innovation in health services, however, will require that UCLA leadership be more proactive about developing core infrastructure and  supporting novel programs.

Moreover, with the advent of health reform, UCLA is uniquely positioned to play a leadership role in building the future of healthcare delivery nationally.   Academic health centers and health systems across the county are being challenged to accelerate innovations that will shift care from acute to primary care medical home settings, reduce hospital stays and readmissions, improve the management of chronic disease, coordinate care across the full spectrum of services, improve quality, reduce waste and duplication, and reduce the cost of care.  This presents UCLA with an unparalleled opportunity to build upon its record of service excellence, and to lead in healthcare innovation. Substantial federal initiatives will be directing funding to pilots that can innovate, deploy and research the impact of redesigned health care systems.  Some academic health centers will find it difficult to respond to these opportunities, but UCLA has all of the elements required to become a leader in health system reform.

Overarching Goal

The UCLA Innovates HealthCare Initiative is designed to promote and nurture innovation across the UCLA Health that continually improves the quality-of-care delivered locally and globally, and to establish UCLA as a national leader in the development of successful innovations in healthcare. 

Specific Objectives

The objectives of this initiative are to:

  • Identify and strengthen coordination of current innovation-related efforts across the UCLA Health and the campus that contribute to advances in healthcare delivery.
  • Facilitate further development of promising healthcare-related innovations within the UCLA Health, and diffusion of those proven to be cost effective.
  • Review programs and best practices established by other university health systems to support innovation, in order to assess the value and optimal design of such programs for the UCLA Health, and to develop proposals for the potential development and adoption of such programs in our environment.
  • Foster partnerships within the university and with external organizations, including national, state and local agencies and organizations, that will advance innovation in the delivery of care at UCLA, in the region, and nationally.
  • Establish new ventures/programs specially related to implementation of recent national healthcare reform legislation - Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.