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Brain Awareness Week brings tweens and teens to UCLA campus

Date: 03/07/2014
Contact: Mark Wheeler
As part of its Brain Awareness Week, the UCLA Brain Research Institute will welcome local middle and high school students to campus to learn a little science and — eek! — touch a human brain.
For these students, Brain Awareness Week provides a fun, interactive education about the brain and the body's nervous system. UCLA's undergraduate and graduate neuroscience students will provide educational activities, demonstrations about the brain, career/mentoring workshops, and lab and campus tours, with an emphasis on understanding the importance of the brain and to inspire interest in science and higher education.
9 a.m.–1:45 p.m., March 10–14
Activities will take place at various sites on campus, beginning at the Gonda (Goldschmied) Neuroscience and Genetics Research Center (695 Charles Young Dr. South — map).
Ellen M. Carpenter, UCLA professor of psychiatry and faculty adviser for the week's events, and Nick Hardy, a graduate student and Brain Awareness Week organizer, will be available for press interviews.
Each day will begin with a series of informational stations designed to provide participants with basic information about human brains, cells, structure and the senses, and will then branch out with visits to research labs and a campus tour. The program will allow low-income students from the community to visit UCLA, learn about research firsthand and hopefully inspire them to pursue higher education and a career in science. Lastly, the program will bring undergraduates, graduate students and faculty together to foster outreach collaborations and raise awareness of careers in the neurosciences.
Mark Wheeler, mwheeler@mednet.ucla.edu
310-794-2265 (cell) | 310-562-8843

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