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Patient Power with Andrew Schorr

UCLA presents Patient Power with Andrew Schorr, a talk show that represents the patient's point of view and connects you with UCLA medical experts, inspiring patients, survivors, and family members.

Andrew Schorr is a pioneer in health communications and patient education and, along the way, became a patient himself. Andrew discovered he had a form of leukemia, Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia, in 1996. After participating in a Phase II clinical trial, he is now in deep molecular remission. He was among the first to produce videos, telephone and Web broadcasts and town meetings for patients. He founded HealthTalk over 20 years ago and now hosts weekly radio programs and provides educational tools through Patient Power. Andrew's mission is to help patients and family members learn more about their health concerns so they can make informed decisions and feel in control. Patient Power services are a reflection of his passion.  

Patient Power programs featuring UCLA Physicians 

Pituitary Tumors and Endoscopic Surgery (NEW)
Marvin Bergsneider, MD  
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Overcoming Childhood Obesity (NEW)
Wendy Slusser, MD 
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Long-Term Success with Weight-Loss Surgery (NEW)
Amir Mehran, MD 
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Advances in heart surgery
Abbas Ardehali, MD   

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Alzheimer's: The latest news from a leading expert
George Bartzokis, MD

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The latest on epilepsy and seizure disorders 
Jerome Engel Jr., MD

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Fighting infectious diseases and epidemics 
Robert Kim-Farley, MD, MPH

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Incontinence and female urology issues 
Larissa Rodriguez, MD 

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Protecting your skin in the sun: Lowering your cancer risk 
Jenny Kim, MD 

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The latest on depression and the importance of getting help
 Andrew Leuchter, MD 

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