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Vascular Surgery


The Department of Surgery

Vascular Surgery

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The Division of Vascular Surgery uses a multidisciplinary approach to treat illnesses affecting the vascular system. With rapidly evolving new technology available, it is important that alternatives be chosen that are effective in the long-term care of patients with vascular disease. Our faculty have a demonstrated commitment in the areas of carotid artery disease, endovascular surgery, fibrinolytic therapy, transfemoral repair of aortic aneurysms, thoracic outlet syndrome, and non-invasive vascular evaluation. Comprehensive management is similarly available for many disorders of the venous system including phlebitis, arteriovenous malformations, and pulmonary embolism. Referrals for vascular services can be made to the individual faculty members shown, or may be channeled through the general information and referral line.

After business hours, urgent referrals can be made by calling the information and referral desk or by calling the UCLA page operator at (310) 825-6301 and asking the service to page the Gold Service resident on call. Medical emergencies may also be referred to the Emergency Medicine Center at (310) 825-2111, where a member of the Vascular Surgery service is available at all times.

Telephone Number
(310) 206-6294 Patient Appointments, option 1, Westwood
(310) 319-4080 Santa Monica-UCLA phone
(310) 825-9111 UCLA Medical Center Operator
(310) 825-6301 UCLA Medical Center Page Operator

Fax Number
(310) 794-9603 Front desk, Westwood
(310) 319-4081 Santa Monica-UCLA

Chief Specialty
Lawrence, Peter MD Vascular Surgery

Baker, John MD Vascular Surgery
DeRubertis, Brian MD Vascular Surgery
Farley, Steven MD Vascular Surgery
Gelabert, Hugh MD Vascular Surgery
Jimenez, Juan Carlos MD General Surgery; Vascular Surgery
Moore, Wesley MD Vascular Surgery
O'Connell, Jessica Beth MD Vascular Surgery
Quinones-Baldrich, William MD Vascular Surgery
Rigberg, David MD Vascular Surgery
Vascular Surgery

Body System Location
Blood, Heart and Circulation