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Center for Wound Healing and Limb Preservation


The Department of Surgery

Division of Vascular Surgery

Center for Wound Healing and Limb Preservation

About the UCLA Center for Wound Care and Limb Preservation

The UCLA Center for Wound Care and Limb Preservation offers advanced care for patients with non-healing wounds who may be in danger of losing a limb. The center's team includes renowned experts in wound care, vascular surgery, podiatry and hyperbaric medicine who assess and treat wounds that do not heal within 30 days, regardless of the source. The center's faculty members also conduct research in some of the most innovative treatments under development for non-healing wounds and the vascular problems that cause them.

Center offers sophisticated diagnostic and treatment options

The center offers several sophisticated diagnostic techniques to assess a patient's vascular system, including ultrasound, magnetic resonance angiography (MRA) and computed tomography (CT) angiograms. It includes three operating rooms where vascular surgeons can perform angiograms, angioplasties, and a state-of-the-art technique developed at UCLA designed to heal venous ulcers and veins that are refluxing blood. UCLA is also participating in a multi-site clinical trial that uses stem cell therapy on patients with advanced circulatory problems who have not benefited from other forms of treatment. The therapy involves harvesting bone marrow from the patient's hip, stimulating the patient's own stem cells and then re-injecting them into damaged leg muscles in an attempt to help them heal.

Telephone Number
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Director Specialty
Farley, Steven MD Vascular Surgery

Lawrence, Peter MD Vascular Surgery
Vascular Surgery

Body System Location
Blood, Heart and Circulation

Disorders and Conditions
Injuries and Wounds


UCLA Center for Wound Healing and Limb Preservation
Peter Morton Medical Building
200 UCLA Medical Plaza, Suite 530b
Los Angeles, CA 90095
(310) 267-0172