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Esophageal Disorders Center


The Department of Medicine

Division of Digestive Diseases / Gastroenterology

Esophageal Disorders Center

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 Abnormalities of the esophagus can be structural problems, motility disorders, inflammatory disorders or malignancies. The UCLA Center for Esophageal Disorders addresses the complete range of esophageal and motility disorders and involves specialists in gastroenterology, endoscopy, surgery, oncology, pathology, radiology and nutrition who utilize a multidisciplinary approach to diagnosis and treatment.

Our internationally recognized faculty focus on providing patients with an efficient and precise evaluation and treatment for all conditions, including esophageal cancer, Barrett's esophagus, gastroesophageal reflux disease and achalasia as well as diffuse esophageal spasm (DES), hiatal hernia, nutcracker esophagus, scleroderma, eosinophilic esophagitis (EoE), Zenker's diverticulum, esophageal varices, esophagitis, Mallory-Weiss Syndrome, dysphagia, odynophagia, paraesophageal hernia, peptic ulcer and acid reflux.

For more information, please visit www.esophagealcenter.ucla.edu

Telephone Number
(310) 825-6167 Information and referral
Medical Director Specialty
Conklin, Jeffrey MD Gastroenterology

Surgical Director
Lee, Jay MD Thoracic and Cardiac Surgery

Cameron, Robert MD Thoracic and Cardiac Surgery; Surgical Oncology
Chen, David MD Surgery
Chhetri, Dinesh Khatri MD Otolaryngology
Cho, Daniel D. MD Gastroenterology
Cole, Daniel MD Gastroenterology
Dawson, David MD, PhD Anatomic Pathology & Clinical Pathology
Dry, Sarah MD Anatomic Pathology & Clinical Pathology
Esrailian, Eric MD, MPH Gastroenterology
Ghassemi, Kevin MD Gastroenterology
Hecht, Joel Randolph MD Medical Oncology; Gastroenterology
Hines, Oscar Joe MD Surgery
Jutabha, Rome MD Gastroenterology
Kadell, Barbara MD Diagnostic Radiology
Kovacs, Thomas MD Gastroenterology
Lee, Percy MD Radiation Oncology
Lee, Steve MD Radiation Oncology
Muthusamy, Venkataraman Raman MD Gastroenterology
Ovsiowitz, Mark MD Internal Medicine; Gastroenterology
Roth, Bennett MD Gastroenterology
Sedarat, Alireza MD Gastroenterology
Shaposhnikov, Rimma MD Gastroenterology
Wainberg, Zev MD Hematology & Oncology
Watson, Rabindra Richard MD Gastroenterology
Yanagawa, Jane MD Thoracic and Cardiac Surgery