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Epilepsy Telemetry Unit


The Department of Neurology

Division of Clinical Neurophysiology

Epilepsy Telemetry Unit

The 10-bed telemetry inpatient unit is a unique and internationally respected intensive neurodiagnostic monitoring facility for evaluation of patients with epilepsy or suspected epilepsy. Continuous 24-hour EEG recording from scalp and sphenoidal electrodes or -- when indicated as part of a presurgical evaluation protocol -- with intracranial stereotactically implanted depth electrodes, subdural grid electrodes, or strip electrodes, is carried out in association with synchronized video monitoring for as long as is necessary to identify, characterize, and quantify ictal behavior. Patients may be referred to the telemetry unit for:

(1) differential diagnosis between epilepsy and other intermittent behaviors, including psychogenic seizures that might be mistaken for epilepsy
(2) classification of seizure type and, if possible, diagnosis of an epileptic syndrome when failure of medical therapy may be due to misdiagnosis
(3) quantification of seizure activity, and correlation with serum drug levels and potential precipitating factors when persistent seizures may be due to unusual absorption, metabolism or excretion of medication, or environmental conditions
(4) presurgical evaluation of patients with medically refractory seizures who may be candidates for resective surgical therapy or corpus callosum section.

Educational services are also provided to all patients and their families by a trained epilepsy nurse specialist. These services frequently contribute to improving the patient's condition even when changes in medication or surgical treatment are not recommended.

Telephone Number
(310) 825-9103 Information and referral
Director Specialty
Engel, Jerome MD Neurology

Nuwer, Marc MD, PhD Neurology; Clinical Neurophysiology
Stern, John MD Neurology
Clinical Neurophysiology

Body System Location
Brain and Nerves