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Rob Pedowitz, MD, PhD


Robert Pedowitz, MD, PhD

UCLA Physician Robert Pedowitz, MD, PhD specializes in Orthopaedic Surgery, Sports Medicine.
Preferred Name
Rob Pedowitz
Orthopaedic Surgery, Sports Medicine
Language Spoken
Hospital Affiliation
Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center
UCLA Medical Center, Santa Monica
State License Number
(310) 319-1234 Patient appointments and referrals
(424) 259-9873 Patient Coordinator
Fax Number
(424) 259-6594

UCLA Santa Monica Orthopaedics
1250 16th Street, Suite 2100
Santa Monica, CA 90404

Westwood Orthopaedic Clinic
100 Medical Plaza Building, Suite 755
Los Angeles, CA 90095-6907

Mailing Address
10833 Le Conte Avenue, 76-143 CHS
Los Angeles, CA 90095

Sports Medicine, American Board of Orthopedic Surgery, 2008
Orthopaedic Surgery, American Board of Orthopedic Surgery, 1995, 2006
Sports Medicine, Duke University Medical Center, 1993 - 1994
Orthopaedic Surgery, UCSD Medical Center, 1986 - 1992
Orthopaedic Surgery, UCSD Medical Center, 1985 - 1986
Medical Degree
MD, UC San Diego School of Medicine, 1985
Arthroscopic Knee, Arthroscopic Rotator Cuff Repair, Arthroscopic Shoulder, Arthroscopic Shoulder Stabilization & Labral Repair, Arthroscopic Surgery, Arthroscopy, Cartilage Knee, Ligament Knee, Revision ACL Surgery, Revision Labral Repair, Revision Rotator Cuff Repair, Revision Shoulder Arthroscopy, Shoulder, Shoulder Joint Replacement, Sports Medicine
Research Interest
Rotator cuff fixation and tissue healing, orthopaedic biomechanics, simulation to enhance surgical training, advanced imaging, neuromuscular compression and ischemia, sports-related injuries.
Additional Information

Dr. Pedowitz received his PhD from the University of Gothenburg, Sweden (1991). Thesis: Tourniquet-Induced Neuromuscular Injury.

He has extensive clinical and research experience in the field of orthopaedic sports medicine and arthroscopic surgery of the knee and shoulder, including many years of experience caring for athletes at the recreational, collegiate, and professional levels.  

Professional Associations
(Updated October 2011)

  • American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons
  • American Orthopaedic Association
  • American Orthopaedic Society for Sports Medicine
  • Arthroscopy Association of North America
  • Orthopaedic Research Society

Leadership Positions

  • Editorial Board: Arthroscopy: The Journal of Arthroscopic and Related Surgery
  • Editorial Board: Sports Medicine & Arthroscopy Review
  • Journal Board of Trustees, Arthroscopy Association of North America
  • Board of Directors, Arthroscopy Association of North America
  • Chair, Rotator Cuff Guidelines Committee, American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons
  • Chair, Technology Committee, Arthroscopy Association of North America
  • Chair, Simulation Task Force, Arthroscopy Association of North America
  • Chair, Surgical Simulation Project Team, American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons
Link to my PubMed publications


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  2. Johnson D, Pedowitz RA (Editors): Practical Orthopaedic Sports Medicine and Arthroscopy (1066 pages). Lippincott, Williams and Wilkins, Philadelphia, PA, 2007.
    [Also translated into Chinese (830 pages), People's Military Medical Press, 2007.]
  3. Pedowitz RA, Resnick DR, Chung CB (Editors): Magnetic Resonance Imaging in Orthopaedic Sports Medicine (439 pages). Springer-Verlag, Berlin Heidelberg, 2008.

(Updated October 2011; Selected from approximately 120 scientific articles and chapters)

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