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Physicians Update


Physicians Update

Fall 2012: Men's Health

UCLA Clinical Updates: The Latest Advances

  • Face Transplant Clinical Update PET/CT (positron emission tomography/computed tomography) combines molecular imaging of disease biology with high-quality anatomical imaging in a single procedure. This provides accurate and comprehensive diagnosis to help physicians select the most appropriate treatments and assess patients' response to treatment.
  • The UCLA Comprehensive Mesothelioma Program offers advanced and innovative treatments to increase the longevity of patients with mesothelioma and improve their quality of life. Through meticulous lung-sparing surgery and an innovative approach to follow-up care, UCLA physicians are able to significantly benefit patients with this rare and difficult cancer.
  • UCLA's new Face Transplantation Program is currently seeking qualified candidates for a five-year clinical trial. Severe facial deformities can impair normal breathing, speech and eating and can also lead to social isolation. While conventional reconstructive techniques can help many, for some the benefit of facial transplantation can outweigh the need for lifelong immunosuppression.

To download these and other clinical advances at UCLA Health, go to: www.uclahealth.org/clinicalupdates

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