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Physicians Update


Physicians Update

Spring 2013

UCLA Clinical Updates: Latest Advances

Learn about the Latest Advances from UCLA

UCLA Health Clinical Update - 3D Imaging Prostate Cancer
A UCLA study found that multiparametric MRI can accurately predict prostate-cancer aggressiveness 95 percent of the time compared to 70 percent accuracy for standard screening techniques. UCLA experts have introduced refinements to targeted biopsy of prostate cancer, greatly improving the ability to distinguish men who should have treatment from those who could defer. Read more »

Radiation Oncology
Helical TomoTherapy is an advanced radiation oncology technology that can ease treatment regimens for patients. It reduces costs and may yield better cancer control for some. Read more »

Uncontrolled Seizures
A number of modern treatments are now available for uncontrolled seizures, including improved medical management, vagus-nerve stimulation and a variety of surgical options. Read more »

Cardiac Interventions
Two new 3-D imaging technologies facilitate catheter-based minimally invasive cardiac interventions on patients who previously would have required surgery. Read more »

UCLA Clinical Update - Endometrial CancerExome Sequencing Technology
The UCLA Pediatric Cancer Predisposition Clinic is one of a few centers in the nation that offers advanced exome sequencing technology to children who may have a genetic predisposition to cancer. Read more »

Patient Navigator
The UCLA Breast Center at Santa Monica is one of only a handful in the nation that employ a patient navigator who serves as the patient’s single point of contact for the healthcare team. Read more »

Donor Lungs
An experimental transportation device that keeps donor lungs warm and “breathing” — rather than cooled on ice — is being studied at UCLA among a few other centers. Read more »

Endometrial Cancer
Endometrial cancer care at UCLA is part of an environment of innovation, where the latest therapies are offered while new techniques are developed and tested to further improve patient outcomes. Read more »

To download these and other clinical advances at UCLA Health, go to: uclahealth.org/clinicalupdates

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