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Clinical Updates


Clinical Updates

Pulmonary Medicine

UCLA Peninsula Pulmonary continues to provide expertise in the South Bay


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UCLA Peninsula PulmonaryUCLA Peninsula Pulmonary offers comprehensive pulmonary, critical care and sleep medicine services to South Bay residents, continuing to serve the community where it has been a premiere private specialty practice for 30 years. UCLA Peninsula Pulmonary physicians currently serve as medical directors of the critical care and respiratory departments of Torrance Memorial Medical Center and Providence Little Company of Mary Medical Center. All UCLA Peninsula Pulmonary physicians are on staff at both hospitals, and all are also on the faculty of the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA.

A complete range of services

UCLA Peninsula Pulmonary physicians specialize in disorders of the chest, lungs and airways. They provide expert care to critically ill patients as well as comprehensive services for patients with sleep disorders. Their areas of expertise include:

Respiratory Disorders — Evaluating patients with breathlessness, cough, wheezing and chest tightness, as well as abnormalities detected on chest X-ray, CT scan and other imaging studies.

Critical Care — Treating some of the most complicated cases and critically ill patients in the South Bay area, both in the hospital and in the outpatient setting.

Sleep Medicine — Treating all types of sleep disorders, which are widely under-diagnosed and can have debilitating health consequences, including heart problems, stroke and depression.

Allergy Testing — Recommended for asthma patients who have not previously been screened.

Pulmonary Function Laboratory — Providing a full range of lung diagnostic services:

Spirometry pre- and post-bronchodilator
Lung volumes
Full-body plethysmography
Arterial blood gas analysis and
oxygen saturations

Maximal voluntary ventilation
Diffusion capacity
Methacholine challenge

Cough Center — Accurate diagnosis of nearly all cases of acute, sub-acute and chronic cough.

X-ray / CT / Pet Scan Services — On-site X-rays with immediate interpretation. CT and PET facilities are located near our pulmonary and sleep medicine practices.

Sleep Laboratory

UCLA Peninsula Pulmonary includes physicians who are board-certified sleep specialists and offers a dedicated sleep laboratory with the capacity to evaluate and treat all types of sleep disorders. This includes evaluation by overnight sleep studies with the help of a full-time sleep technologist. The sleep laboratory has been accredited by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine and provides state-of-the-art care to patients in a convenient South Bay location.


As part of UCLA Health, UCLA Peninsula Pulmonary physicians are able to enroll patients in clinical studies that can often gain patients access to therapies that are not available at most medical practices while helping to advance understanding of medical conditions and their treatment. Current areas of research include asthma, COPD and emphysema.

In addition, UCLA Peninsula Pulmonary physicians help educate the next generation of physicians both in their clinical offices and in the hospital setting.

Experts in pulmonary and critical care medicine and sleep medicine

UCLA Peninsula Pulmonary offers a high level of care for patients with disorders of the chest, lungs and airways, patients who are critically ill, and patients with all types of sleep disorders.

“With the Peninsula Pulmonary group, we have a geographical representation of UCLA faculty in the South Bay that reflects UCLA’s high standards for care in pulmonary and critical care medicine as well as sleep medicine,” explains Steven Dubinett, MD, chief of the UCLA Division of Pulmonary & Critical Care Medicine.

Being part of UCLA Health brings advantages in cases where the shared expertise of UCLA specialists can offer patients care that is not available in most clinical practices, including opportunities to participate in clinical studies of new therapies. “I think what’s really exciting about the Peninsula group is these are outstanding physicians who have a great deal of clinical expertise and are conveniently located to help patients and their families,” Dr. Dubinett says.

Participating Physicians

John Abe, MD
Robert Chang, MD
Roman Culjat, MD
Khalid Eltawil, MD
M. Anthony Rasic, MD
David Scott, MD
Deren Sinkowitz, MD
Brian Wong, MD

Contact Information

UCLA Peninsula Pulmonary
3701 Skypark Drive, Suite 200
Torrance, CA 90505
(310) 378-8900

Sleep Laboratory
23550 Hawthorne Blvd., Suite 180
Torrance, CA 90505
(310) 378-7533

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