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UCLA OB/GYN Santa Monica: comprehensive women’s care delivered close to home


UCLA OB/GYN Santa Monica: comprehensive women's care delivered close to homeUCLA Obstetrics and Gynecology (OB/GYN) Santa Monica combines the comfort and convenience of care delivered close to home with the expertise and technological capabilities featured in major academic medical centers. At an office designed specifically for women located on 16th Street near UCLA Medical Center, Santa Monica, women’s health experts offer comprehensive gynecological and obstetrical services and advanced specialty care that address the diverse and changing needs of women over their lifetimes.

Addressing routine and complex women’s health needs

UCLA OB/GYN Santa Monica specialists emphasize evidence-based medicine, with services that include primary and preventive care, prenatal, labor and delivery, menopause, and the full range of gynecological conditions.

The practice includes ongoing management of women with complicated medical histories (such as cancer survivors and transplant patients) and co-morbid medical conditions (such as hypertension and diabetes) and features expertise in short- and long-term contraception, high-risk pregnancy, minimally invasive abdominal and pelvic surgery, uterus-sparing surgery, hysteroscopy, evaluation of precancerous conditions and robotic-assisted surgery.

Key services include:

  • Annual exams (including well-woman visits and cancer and sexually transmitted disease screenings)
  • Family planning
  • Basic evaluation and treatment of infertility and reproductive endocrinology
  • Pregnancy and delivery, including high-risk pregnancy
  • Treatment of gynecologic problems (including fibroids, abnormal bleeding, endometriosis, ovarian and cervical conditions)
  • Treatment of pelvic conditions (including urinary incontinence, pelvic organ prolapse, chronic pelvic pain and vulvar disorders)
  • Treatment of pre-cancerous gynecologic conditions

Featuring advanced options in convenient settings

As more women balance growing families with busy careers and other responsibilities, the need for safe and effective treatment options with minimal recovery time becomes more important. UCLA physicians offer advanced office and outpatient procedures to address a variety of women’s health issues.

Office-based procedures: Commonly performed office-based procedures include diagnostic hysteroscopy to identify abnormal bleeding, uterine fibroids and other lower-genital-tract problems, and a specialized loop electrosurgical excision procedure (LEEP) to treat precancerous cervical disease. The latest family planning options also are available. For example, long-term, reversible contraception, including IUDs and subdermal contraceptive implants can be conveniently provided to young women and those who have not yet had children, with failure rates of less than 1 percent and a return to fertility quickly following device removal. Hysteroscopic sterilization, a permanent birth-control procedure that uses coil implants to block the fallopian tubes and prevent future fertilization, is available during a 10-minute procedure, with virtually no down time for patients. Office-based procedures are performed without general anesthesia, avoiding side effects that can include nausea, vomiting, dry mouth, sore throat and sleepiness.

Outpatient procedures: UCLA OB/GYN Santa Monica experts specialize in laparoscopic, minimally invasive surgeries, which enable women to leave the hospital the same day and recover more quickly, with less pain and scarring. More than 90 percent of hysterectomies performed at UCLA’s hospital in Santa Monica are done vaginally or laparoscopically. Nationally, approximately 70 to 80 percent of hysterectomies are done abdominally. Other procedures now routinely performed in outpatient settings include surgeries for benign ovarian tumors, uterine fibroids and ectopic pregnancies.

Integrating high-tech, high-touch services

“We are involved in all facets of obstetrical and gynecological care in Santa Monica and are continuing to expand our practice to build even stronger ties to a diverse community,” says William A. Growdon, MD, chair, obstetrics and gynecology at UCLA Medical Center, Santa Monica. UCLA OB/GYN Santa Monica physicians leverage the expertise and resources of UCLA to offer comprehensive, coordinated and convenient care. Collectively, the physicians speak six different languages (English, Chinese, French, Italian, Korean and Spanish).

Because many patients have medical conditions that must be addressed alongside reproductive health issues, UCLA physicians routinely treat complicated, higher-acuity cases. “As a major tertiary care referral center, we have the expertise to effectively manage these problems, but also manage routine women’s health conditions quickly and conveniently,” Dr. Growdon explains. The practice offers advanced office-, outpatient- and inpatient-based care using non-invasive, minimally invasive and conventional techniques.

Participating Physicians

William Growdon, MD
Chief, Division of Community Obstetrics and Gynecology at UCLA
Chair, Obstetrics and Gynecology at UCLA Medical Center, Santa Monica

Leslie Carranza, MD, MPH

Jessica Y. Hsu, MD, MBA

Aldo Palmieri, MD

Amy Stoddard, MD

Steven Yu, MD

Contact Information

UCLA OB/GYN Santa Monica
1245 16th Street, Suite 202
Santa Monica, CA, 90404
(310) 794-7274 Appointments

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