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Fall 2005

Orthopaedic Inpatient Services

Orthopaedic Hospital’s surgical services relocated to Santa Monica-UCLA Medical Center this summer, another step toward physically joining the orthopaedic services of the two hospitals.

“Orthopaedic Hospital and Santa Monica-UCLA share similar missions, and we believe this partnership will benefit our community and those we serve,” notes Posie Carpenter, chief administrative officer of Santa Monica- UCLA Medical Center.

Orthopaedic Hospital is a recognized leader in patient care, teaching and research in orthopaedic medicine for children and adults with crippling disorders. For almost 100 years, the hospital has been helping children afflicted with crippling conditions lead healthy, active lives, notes James V. Luck Jr., M.D., president, CEO and medical director of Orthopaedic Hospital. Orthopaedic Hospital will continue to provide and expand outpatient services at its existing campus in downtown Los Angeles.

The new Santa Monica- UCLA Medical Center and Orthopaedic Hospital, currently taking shape around the existing Santa Monica medical center facility, will open in phases beginning next spring.

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