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Fall 2004

Donation of Malibu Home Establishes Lasting Legacy

When searching for words that describe Eloise Hoopes, many come to mind: vivacious, charming, witty and philanthropic. After a 15-year career in modeling, Eloise, now a widow, moved to Malibu in the ’50s as a young bride. Malibu was not even a city yet. She embraced Malibu’s stunning views, and has lived there ever since.

This year, Eloise decided to make a gift to benefit Santa Monica-UCLA Medical Center through what is known as a “retained life estate with gift annuity.” Using this unique plan, she was able to give her Malibu home as a gift to the medical center. She will, however, continue to live in and maintain the home for the rest of her life and receive an income for her lifetime as well. In addition, Eloise also enjoyed an income tax charitable deduction and reduced her capital gains tax and estate tax liability.

Eloise Hoopes’ gift to Santa Monica-UCLA Medical Center establishes a legacy that will live in perpetuity. For information, call Devon Brown at the UCLA Office of Gift Planning (800) 737-8252 or go to www.giftplanning.ucla.edu

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