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Spring 2004

Shandler’s Generous Gifts Help Secure UCLA’s Future

Esther Shandler can tell you a lot about airplanes, law and property management. Her knowledge comes from first-hand experience as a riveter for Douglas Aircraft during World War II, a long career as an attorney, and an owner of an apartment building.

After retiring from her law practice, Esther, a former UCLA student, wanted to free herself of the management duties of her West Los Angeles apartment building without sacrificing her rental income. She decided to put the property into a charitable remainder unitrust with The UCLA Foundation. This deferred gift entitled Esther to an income tax charitable deduction, provided her with an income for life, and gave her the satisfaction of supporting retinal research at UCLA’s Jules Stein Eye Institute, a cause spurred by her father’s diminishing eyesight in his later years.

A decade later, Esther funded her second unitrust with appreciated securities, thereby avoiding the capital gain tax she would have incurred from selling the stocks. “The unitrusts are a source of income for me. They are good investments not only for the individual, but also for the University,” she says. According to Esther, the establishment of this unitrust was “an expression of appreciation for the Chairman of the Department of Urology” who provided excellent medical care for her nephew. In addition, Esther recently established a charitable gift annuity that further supplements her income, and drew up a living trust that designates the Division of Rheumatology as a beneficiary of her estate.

Esther’s generosity will help future generations of UCLA alumni and friends. For more information about gift plans that provide tax and income benefits, call Rosalind Shumway or Devon Brown at 310-794-2334 or 800-737-UCLA (800-737-8252).

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