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Fall 2008

Charitable Gift Annuity Program

UCLA offers a wide array of income-producing gift plans, including charitable gift annuities. Discover how your gift of cash, stock or other property to UCLA may provide you and a beneficiary with annual income for life.

Benefits of a charitable gift annuity include:

  • Annual income for you and a beneficiary
  • Professional investment management at no charge
  • Bypass realizing capital gain on gifts of appreciated assets
  • Immediate federal income tax charitable deduction
  • Estate tax savings
  • Creating a future gift that reflects your vision for UCLA

To learn more, contact the UCLA Office of Gift Planning at:

Phone: (310) 794-2334 or (800) 737-8252
E-mail: giftplanning@support.ucla.edu
Web: www.giftplanning.ucla.edu

To make a gift in support of research, education or a clinical program, contact Gina Tamburri at:

Phone: (310) 267-2206
E-mail: gtamburi@support.ucla.edu

Current Charitable Gift Annuity Payment Rates

Selected Rates for One Person


Age  Rate  
 65  5.7%
 70 6.1%
 75 6.7%
 80 7.6%



Current rates for other ages available upon request.





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