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Spring 2007

Center Aims to Treat the Person, Not Just the Cancer

The Ted Mann Family Resource Center at UCLA helps patients and families meet cancer’s challenges

The experience of cancer goes beyond the physical: It shapes a person’s thoughts and emotions and sends shock waves through family members and friends. Recognizing cancer’s wide-ranging impact, the Ted Mann Family Resource Center at UCLA helps individuals—and those close to them—to deal with cancer’s challenges.

Affiliated with both the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA and UCLA’s Jonsson Cancer Center, the Ted Mann Family Resource Center provides an array of programs such as lectures, support groups and counseling. It also houses the Reflections Boutique, a resource to help patients cope with changes in appearance caused by cancer. “Our program is not one-sizefits-all,” says center director Anne Coscarelli, Ph.D. “We offer a wide range of avenues for individuals to get the information and support they need in order to feel better.” In response to patient interest in alternative therapies, the center recently added a new component to its services: The Simms/Mann Integrative Oncology Program, which complements conventional cancer treatment with strategies that seek to restore health and wellness.

Mary Hardy, M.D., a UCLA internist who heads the program, notes, “Patients with cancer have a real need to get accurate information about using dietary supplements and other complementary therapies. Our goal is to help patients make good choices that will not interfere with conventional treatments but do enhance their well-being.” Dr. Hardy works with patients individually or in groups to create wellness plans, which include nutrition, exercise, stress management and supplements.
To learn more from center experts, go to http://streaming.uclahealth.org/mann

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