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Vital Signs


Vital Signs

Winter 2010

25 Years of Heart Transplant Excellence


VS Winter 2010 Issue: 25 Years of Heart Transplant ExcellenceUCLA is among the nation’s leading centers for the medical and surgical management of advanced heart failure. Since the first heart transplant was performed here in 1984, more than 1,800 patients have undergone this lifesaving procedure at UCLA, with survival rates that exceed international standards.

Our team of skilled specialists has pioneered new procedures, including the Alternative Heart Transplant Program, which matches older patients with older donors to afford these patients an opportunity to undergo heart transplant with comparable outcomes.

With our ventricular assist and total artificial heart program, critical patients in need of mechanical support have access to the latest technology. We have continued to reduce post-transplant complications, and our incidence of donor heart rejection is the lowest in the country.

To read more about cardiology at UCLA, go to: www.uclahealth.org/heartofgold

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