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Vital Signs

Spring 2010
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High-Risk Follow-Up Clinic Provides Support After Hospital

The High-Risk Infant Follow-Up (HRIF) Clinic at the UCLA Children’s Health Center in Westwood and at UCLA Medical Center, Santa Monica helps to address the unique issues premature infants face by providing individualized follow-up services. These include Bayley developmental assessments conducted by pediatric physical and occupational therapists, dietician counseling, social services evaluation and physical examination by the neonatologist.

“Early intervention is the key to appropriate motor and cognitive development in premature children,” says Santa Monica clinic coordinator Pat Croshere, R.N.

The multidisciplinary clinic provides a formal assessment at 6 months of age, and then continues to monitor children for appropriate growth and developmental milestones at 12 and 18 months of age. Some patients are evaluated earlier than 6 months and continue to visit the clinic until they are 3 years old. Following assessment of the child, a recommendation is sent to the family’s pediatrician. Parents also receive recommendations for additional services provided by regional centers for children with developmental disabilities and chronic medical conditions.

Education and counseling include appropriate feeding guidelines, instructions to improve musculature along the child’s spine and overall trunk control, and advice to guide development of the child’s language and reading skills and to provide appropriate stimulation.

“Most parents find it very reassuring to know they have support to keep their child’s development on track,” Croshere says.

To view a video about the HRIF Clinic, go to:

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