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Vital Signs

Summer 2010

UCLA Health System Partners with Saint John’s Health Center


VS-Summer10-Heart PartnerAs part of an evolving community partnership, UCLA Medical Center, Santa Monica and Saint John’s Health Center will share the services of surgeon Curtis Hunter, M.D., to provide heart surgery to patients in Santa Monica and other West Side communities. Dr. Hunter continues to be on staff at UCLA’s hospitals in Santa Monica and Westwood. He is director of cardiothoracic surgery services for UCLA Medical Center, Santa Monica.

The arrangement “provides a framework to offer better healthcare for patients in our common service area,” says Posie Carpenter, chief administrative officer of UCLA Medical Center, Santa Monica.

“UCLA’s strength lies in a union of research, technology and excellent patient care,” Carpenter continues. “We believe there is significant potential to collaborate with Saint John’s in these areas, and this is one example of how this partnership will benefit patients in our mutual service areas.”

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