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Student leads effort to improve LGBT health care at UCLA  
UCLA physician is bringing ultrasound to patients' bedside  
New Laser Treatment for Enlarged Prostate Presented by UCLA Urologist Dr. Robert Reiter at Free Men's Health Seminar  
New Laser Treatment for Enlarged Prostate Presented by UCLA Urologist Dr. Robert Reiter at Free Men's Health Seminar  
UCLA Experts Offer Tips to Help Protect Against Flu  
Two UCLA scientists receive NIH grants to further BRAIN Initiative research 09/30/2014
Antioxidant found in grapes uncorks new targets for acne treatment 09/30/2014
UCLA scientists engineer antibiotics to catch up in race against drug resistance 09/29/2014
In studying suicide, he shines a light on a secret shame 09/26/2014
Biochemists solve ‘address problem’ in cells that leads to lethal kidney disease 09/25/2014
Teens extend help to family of girl with liver cancer 09/23/2014
UCLA Spark campaign raising funds to treat low sexual desire in female cancer survivors 09/23/2014
UCLA Health System, Anthem Blue Cross join L.A. and Orange County partners to launch Vivity 09/19/2014
Attend mini medical school 09/19/2014
UCLA faculty voice: This is your child’s brain on alcohol 09/18/2014
UCLA volunteers at free clinic solve small problems for poor that could become catastrophic 09/17/2014
Men who are uneducated about their prostate cancer have difficulty making treatment choices 09/17/2014
UCLA doctors prepared to treat infectious disease patients if needed 09/17/2014
UCLA physicians now available via LiveHealth Online 09/16/2014
Treating insomnia in elderly reduces inflammation, lowers risk for chronic diseases 09/15/2014
UCLA student finds a better way to deal with her diagnosis 09/15/2014
Deconstructing the placebo response: Why does it work in treating depression? 09/11/2014
UCLA faculty voice: Rats ditch balanced diet to eat just like obese people 09/10/2014
Study provides more evidence that sleep apnea is hurting your brain 09/10/2014
Low-doses of fish oil may reduce seizures in patients with drug-resistant epilepsy 09/08/2014
UCLA biologists delay the aging process by ‘remote control’ 09/08/2014
Body language 09/04/2014
FDA approves new melanoma drug that turns on the immune system to fight deadly cancers 09/04/2014
He's harnessing the regenerative power of stem cells 09/03/2014
UCLA projects to improve L.A. by 2050 vie for online votes 09/03/2014
Q&A: Teresa Roth, 'mother' to medical school interns, residents 09/03/2014
UCLA-led study identifies genetic factors involved in pediatric ulcerative colitis 09/03/2014
Survivor of lightning strike reunites with rescuers 08/29/2014
A sermon and a flu shot: Taking preventive health care into community spaces 08/28/2014
Protein in ‘good cholesterol’ may be a key to treating pulmonary hypertension 08/27/2014
Stacy Park wins grant to study role of e-cigarettes in lung cancer 08/27/2014
In sync and in control? 08/26/2014
Providing futile treatment prevents other patients from receiving the critical care they need 08/25/2014
In our digital world, are young people losing the ability to read emotions? 08/21/2014
Vault nanoparticles engineered at UCLA show promise for cancer treatment and possible HIV cure 08/21/2014
Geriatrics Unit Becomes ‘Friendlier’ for Older Adults 08/21/2014
A Band of Doctors Rock for Charity 08/21/2014
Q&A: Federica Raia and life with a new heart 08/20/2014
Water conservation strategy should consider health, cost and community concerns, too 08/20/2014
Study identifies protein that helps prevent active tuberculosis in infected patients 08/20/2014
Mother whose young daughter died from ovarian cancer raises money for UCLA cancer research 08/19/2014
Teaching Award for Residents and Fellows 08/19/2014
New vaccine shows promise as stronger weapon against both tuberculosis and leprosy 08/19/2014
UCLA faculty voice: Thanks to technology, our internal sleep clocks are out of sync 08/18/2014
Pediatrician from Mattel Children’s Hospital UCLA Reminds Parents to Immunize Children Before School Starts 08/18/2014
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