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Student leads effort to improve LGBT health care at UCLA  
UCLA physician is bringing ultrasound to patients' bedside  
New Laser Treatment for Enlarged Prostate Presented by UCLA Urologist Dr. Robert Reiter at Free Men's Health Seminar  
New Laser Treatment for Enlarged Prostate Presented by UCLA Urologist Dr. Robert Reiter at Free Men's Health Seminar  
UCLA Experts Offer Tips to Help Protect Against Flu  
L.A. Marathon runner reunites with rescuers who saved his life 04/22/2014
Panel: Investing in health could bring profound returns by 2035 04/14/2014
Community-based HIV prevention can boost testing, help reduce new infections 04/14/2014
Entertainers Julianne Hough and Derek Hough honored at Mattel Children’s Hospital UCLA’s second annual Kaleidoscope Ball 04/11/2014
Promising drug doubles positive effect in hormone-receptor–positive breast cancer 04/11/2014
UCLA launches joint venture with Chinese firm to open sophisticated lab in Shanghai 04/09/2014
Doctor uses crowdfunding to launch anti-food choking campaign 04/09/2014
UCLA's Fielding School to launch partnerships with Chinese schools of public health 04/08/2014
Breakthrough therapy allows four paraplegic men to voluntarily move their legs 04/08/2014
Does a junk food diet make you lazy? UCLA psychology study offers answer 04/04/2014
Higher social class linked to fewer bone fractures among non-white women 04/03/2014
Free UCLA Seminar: Treating Weight Gain after Bariatric Surgery 04/03/2014
UCLA hospitals serve up antibiotic-free beef and chicken 04/02/2014
Cell metabolism discovery could lead to treatments for cancer, common cold 04/01/2014
Tweaking potassium levels in brain could be a key to fighting Huntington's disease 03/31/2014
Dentist shortage bites California as more choose to practice out of state 03/26/2014
Unique use of heart-lung machine saves heart attack victim at UCLA emergency room 03/25/2014
UCLA medical students meet their match 03/21/2014
New UCLA program offers parents medical guidance for international adoptions 03/17/2014
Older adults: Build muscle and you'll live longer 03/13/2014
Doctors issue new treatment guidelines for skin abscesses caused by MRSA 03/12/2014
UV light aids cancer cells that creep along the outside of blood vessels 03/10/2014
Brain Awareness Week brings tweens and teens to UCLA campus 03/07/2014
UCLA medical students help 'connect' uninsured to health care 03/07/2014
NASA offers UCLA scientists possibility of a lab in space 03/06/2014
UCLA students bring much-needed medical aid to Mexican community 03/06/2014
UCLA Offers Tips to Lower the Risk of Colorectal Cancer 03/05/2014
Cigarette smoking may cause physical changes in brains of young smokers, UCLA study shows 03/03/2014
Long-term study confirms success of method for detecting spread of deadly skin cancer 02/28/2014
Is West Nile virus coming to your town? UCLA releases first risk-assessment predictions 02/28/2014
Light zaps viruses: How photosensitization can stop viruses from infecting cells 02/28/2014
UCLA study finds robotic-assisted prostate surgery offers better cancer control 02/28/2014
Let there be tissue-penetrating light: Scientists develop new nanoscale method to fight cancer 02/28/2014
In California, Great Recession pushes scores of adult children home, and older parents pay 02/27/2014
Study finds 125,000 immigrant youth with 'Deferred Action' status may be eligible for Medi-Cal 02/27/2014
Twitter 'big data' can be used to monitor HIV and drug-related behavior, UCLA study shows 02/26/2014
Experimental treatment developed at UCLA eradicates acute leukemia in mice 02/26/2014
Vitamin A may help boost immune system to fight tuberculosis 02/25/2014
Use of acetaminophen during pregnancy linked to ADHD in children, UCLA researchers say 02/24/2014
UCLA Researchers Seeking Women for Study on Vulvadynia, a Chronic Pain Syndrome 02/21/2014
Blood test serves as 'crystal ball' for heart transplant patients, UCLA-led study finds 02/18/2014
Quick magnesium treatment fails to improve stroke outcomes, but study has silver lining 02/13/2014
Understanding the basic biology of bipolar disorder 02/12/2014
Volunteers with dogs deliver Valentine's cards to kids in the hospital at UCLA 02/12/2014
Home makeovers help families get healthy 02/08/2014
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