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Student leads effort to improve LGBT health care at UCLA  
UCLA physician is bringing ultrasound to patients' bedside  
New Laser Treatment for Enlarged Prostate Presented by UCLA Urologist Dr. Robert Reiter at Free Men's Health Seminar  
New Laser Treatment for Enlarged Prostate Presented by UCLA Urologist Dr. Robert Reiter at Free Men's Health Seminar  
UCLA Experts Offer Tips to Help Protect Against Flu  
UCLA institute to help biologists, doctors mine 'big data' 12/18/2014
Combination drug therapy doubles positive effect of treatment for women with advanced breast cancer 12/18/2014
Helping seriously ill children, families cope with the unfathomable 12/17/2014
Lens-free microscope can detect cancer at the cellular level 12/17/2014
Combining social media and behavioral psychology could lead to more HIV testing 12/16/2014
FDA approves drug that extends survival in the most common type of lung cancer 12/12/2014
UCLA researcher develops robotic surgery technique to treat previously inoperable head and neck cancer 12/12/2014
Boy battling cancer gets treated as UCLA's No. 1 sports fan 12/12/2014
UCLA’s resilience-building programs for veterans and their families lauded 12/11/2014
As gay marriage gains voter acceptance, UCLA–Columbia study illuminates one possible reason 12/11/2014
Higher-earning physicians make more money by ordering more procedures per patient, says UCLA report 12/11/2014
UCLA researchers unlock protein key to harnessing regenerative power of blood stem cells 12/08/2014
UCLA study finds over-treatment for prostate cancer patients with life expectancies of fewer than 10 years 12/05/2014
Gene discovery shows how stem cells can be activated to help immune system fight infection 12/03/2014
UCLA study: To stop spread of HIV, African governments should target hot zones 12/02/2014
Life in America: Hazardous to immigrants’ health? 12/01/2014
UCLA scientists discover why some patients respond to a life-saving melanoma drug 11/26/2014
Q&A: David Gere and the fight to end AIDS 11/25/2014
UCLA and House Clinic sign letter of intent to expand patients’ access to specialty ear care 11/25/2014
Brain’s reaction to virtual reality should prompt further study, suggests new research by UCLA neuroscientists 11/24/2014
UCLA researchers identify protein key to the development of blood stem cells 11/24/2014
Study by UCLA scientists reveals new findings about cause of lesions around jaw bone 11/24/2014
A Thanksgiving to remember 11/21/2014
To heal the human instrument 11/21/2014
UCLA stem cell researcher pioneers gene therapy cure for children with ‘Bubble Baby’ disease 11/20/2014
Half a million Californian seniors fall repeatedly; many providers do not routinely screen for falls 11/20/2014
A global report card: Are children better off than they were 25 years ago? 11/20/2014
UCLA Stem Cell Researcher Pioneers Gene Therapy Cure for Children with “Bubble Baby” Disease 11/19/2014
Tech tool will support smokers' efforts to quit for good 11/18/2014
UCLA biochemists build largest synthetic molecular ‘cage’ ever 11/18/2014
New student-led project investigates healing benefits of live music 11/18/2014
Suffering from constipation? Self-acupressure can help 11/17/2014
UCLA’s Healthy Campus Initiative helps inspire new nationwide college program 11/16/2014
Statins reverse learning disabilities caused by genetic disorder 11/14/2014
Researchers develop non-invasive method to detect tumor-causing mutations in saliva 11/14/2014
Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center recognized with award for heart failure care 11/13/2014
David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA receives unrestricted $50 million gift 11/13/2014
Online tool created by UCLA provides health information by ZIP code, city and legislative district 11/12/2014
Mayor, L.A. business leaders to celebrate UCLA Health/CTI lab in China 11/12/2014
'Walking man' joins UCLA Operation Mend at NYC Veterans Day parade 11/07/2014
Discovery by UCLA researchers could lead to better head and neck cancer therapies 11/07/2014
UCLA study finds tai chi reduces inflammation in breast cancer survivors 11/07/2014
Contraception needs to be on global health agenda, Melinda Gates says at UCLA 11/06/2014
Contraception needs to be on global health agenda, Melinda Gates says at UCLA 11/06/2014
Dr. A. Eugene Washington lauded for leadership in improving nation's health care 11/04/2014
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