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Title Date
Two UCLA scientists receive NIH grants to further BRAIN Initiative research 09/30/2014
Antioxidant found in grapes uncorks new targets for acne treatment 09/30/2014
UCLA scientists engineer antibiotics to catch up in race against drug resistance 09/29/2014
In studying suicide, he shines a light on a secret shame 09/26/2014
Biochemists solve ‘address problem’ in cells that leads to lethal kidney disease 09/25/2014
Teens extend help to family of girl with liver cancer 09/23/2014
UCLA Spark campaign raising funds to treat low sexual desire in female cancer survivors 09/23/2014
Medical students who previously attended community college more likely to serve in poor communities 09/22/2014
UCLA Health System, Anthem Blue Cross join L.A. and Orange County partners to launch Vivity 09/19/2014
Attend mini medical school 09/19/2014
UCLA faculty voice: This is your child’s brain on alcohol 09/18/2014
UCLA volunteers at free clinic solve small problems for poor that could become catastrophic 09/17/2014
Men who are uneducated about their prostate cancer have difficulty making treatment choices 09/17/2014
UCLA doctors prepared to treat Ebola, other infectious diseases if needed 09/17/2014
UCLA physicians now available via LiveHealth Online 09/16/2014
Treating insomnia in elderly reduces inflammation, lowers risk for chronic diseases 09/15/2014
UCLA student finds a better way to deal with her diagnosis 09/15/2014
In memoriam: Dr. John Fahey, pioneer in immunology and HIV research 09/12/2014
Deconstructing the placebo response: Why does it work in treating depression? 09/11/2014
UCLA faculty voice: Rats ditch balanced diet to eat just like obese people 09/10/2014
Study provides more evidence that sleep apnea is hurting your brain 09/10/2014
Low-doses of fish oil may reduce seizures in patients with drug-resistant epilepsy 09/08/2014
UCLA biologists delay the aging process by ‘remote control’ 09/08/2014
Body language 09/04/2014
FDA approves new melanoma drug that turns on the immune system to fight deadly cancers 09/04/2014
He's harnessing the regenerative power of stem cells 09/03/2014
UCLA projects to improve L.A. by 2050 vie for online votes 09/03/2014
Q&A: Teresa Roth, 'mother' to medical school interns, residents 09/03/2014
UCLA-led study identifies genetic factors involved in pediatric ulcerative colitis 09/03/2014
Survivor of lightning strike reunites with rescuers 08/29/2014
A sermon and a flu shot: Taking preventive health care into community spaces 08/28/2014
Protein in ‘good cholesterol’ may be a key to treating pulmonary hypertension 08/27/2014
Stacy Park wins grant to study role of e-cigarettes in lung cancer 08/27/2014
In sync and in control? 08/26/2014
Providing futile treatment prevents other patients from receiving the critical care they need 08/25/2014
In our digital world, are young people losing the ability to read emotions? 08/21/2014
Vault nanoparticles engineered at UCLA show promise for cancer treatment and possible HIV cure 08/21/2014
Geriatrics Unit Becomes ‘Friendlier’ for Older Adults 08/21/2014
A Band of Doctors Rock for Charity 08/21/2014
Q&A: Federica Raia and life with a new heart 08/20/2014
Water conservation strategy should consider health, cost and community concerns, too 08/20/2014
Study identifies protein that helps prevent active tuberculosis in infected patients 08/20/2014
Mother whose young daughter died from ovarian cancer raises money for UCLA cancer research 08/19/2014
Teaching Award for Residents and Fellows 08/19/2014
New vaccine shows promise as stronger weapon against both tuberculosis and leprosy 08/19/2014
UCLA faculty voice: Thanks to technology, our internal sleep clocks are out of sync 08/18/2014
Pediatrician from Mattel Children’s Hospital UCLA Reminds Parents to Immunize Children Before School Starts 08/18/2014
Implantable heart devices result in similar survival benefits among ethnic, racial groups 08/18/2014
Mother who Lost Young Daughter to Ovarian Cancer Raises Money for UCLA Gynecologic Cancer Research 08/18/2014
Doctors, patients at the crossroads make difficult decisions together 08/18/2014
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