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Title Date
Epidemiologist likes to rap 02/08/2014
UCLA scientists awarded $6 million to study new ways to restore hand movement after paralysis 02/06/2014
UCLA Children’s Heart Center Celebrates Grand Opening 02/04/2014
Venice Family Clinic, Common Ground merge to provide enhanced HIV/AIDS care 02/03/2014
Researchers ID more pesticides linked to Parkinson's, gene that increases risk 02/03/2014
Three healthcare leaders issue call to action for telemedicine 02/03/2014
Osteoporosis screening recommendations may miss two-thirds of women aged 50 to 64 01/30/2014
Stem cell agency's grants to UCLA help set stage for revolutionary medicine 01/29/2014
Young mom who nearly died after giving birth to meet blood donors who saved her life 01/29/2014
Use of testosterone therapy linked to heart attacks in men under 65, study shows 01/29/2014
Woman survives 4-year migraine, shares photographic journey to recovery with med students 01/23/2014
UCLA researchers develop risk calculator to predict survival in heart failure patients 01/22/2014
Guys: Get married for the sake of your bones, but wait until you're 25 01/21/2014
Are you listening? Kids' ear infections cost health care system nearly $3 billion a year 01/09/2014
Minorities and poor have more advanced thyroid cancers when diagnosed, UCLA study shows 01/09/2014
Getting 'unhooked': Smoking rates drop dramatically among registered nurses 01/08/2014
Pointers from the Emergency Center at UCLA Medical Center, Santa Monica to Ensure a Safe and Healthy Holiday Season 12/23/2013
Adult stem cells found to suppress cancer while dormant 12/20/2013
UCLA researcher highlights advances in nanotechnology's fight against cancer 12/18/2013
UCLA study challenges long-held hypothesis that iron promotes atherosclerosis 12/17/2013
With new multimillion-dollar grants, UCLA scientists take stem cell research to patients 12/16/2013
UCLA helping to change the way a community eats, one store at a time 12/13/2013
UCLA stem cell scientists first to track joint cartilage development in humans 12/12/2013
U.S. ranks near bottom among industrialized nations in efficiency of health care spending 12/12/2013
Former Operation Mend wounded vet continues tough trek to South Pole 12/11/2013
'Smart' mannequins breathe life into medical scenarios 12/11/2013
Pilot program study finds that pediatric obesity patients like telehealth services 12/11/2013
Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center Selected for American College of Cardiology Patient Navigator Program 12/11/2013
UCLA hospitals receive top honors for operating in a paperless environment and representing best practices in implementing electronic medical records 12/11/2013
Danger in disguise: UCLA researchers find brain cancer cells can 'hide' from drugs 12/10/2013
UCLA pediatrician, global health educator Dr. Lee Miller receives Humanism in Medicine Award from Association of American Medical Colleges 12/10/2013
Holiday Safety Tips 12/04/2013
Prostate cancer stem cells are a moving target, UCLA researchers say 12/03/2013
Diverticulosis much less risky than previously thought, UCLA researchers find 12/03/2013
Cedars-Sinai, UCLA Health System and Select Medical plan to open rehabilitation hospital 12/03/2013
HIV plus HPV leads to increased anal cancer risk in men 12/02/2013
Kids whose bond with mother was disrupted early in life show changes in brain 12/02/2013
Radiologists study structure of mysterious sea 'monster' 11/27/2013
UCLA research may help scientists understand what causes pregnancy complications 11/26/2013
Philippines Relief Donation Drive 11/25/2013
Unhappy meals? Majority of very young children in California eat fast food at least once a week 11/25/2013
UCLA team first to map autism-risk genes by function 11/25/2013
Lockheed Martin funds new telehealth suite, enhanced recovery area for Operation Mend 11/22/2013
UCLA, Emory researchers find a chemical signature for 'fast' form of Parkinson's 11/21/2013
UCLA researchers' new technique improves accuracy, ease of cancer diagnosis 11/21/2013
UCLA research could enhance treatments for drug-resistant melanoma 11/21/2013
News on strike by patient care and service workers unions at UC, UCLA 11/20/2013
Update: LAX Airport Shooting—Patients Treated at Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center 11/19/2013
UCLA Health System Union Strike Statement & Advisory 11/19/2013
You are what you eat: Low-fat diet changes prostate cancer tissue 11/18/2013
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