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Title Date
UCLA doctor writes guide to 50 key medical studies 05/22/2012
Cycling may negatively affect male reproductive health, UCLA study finds 05/21/2012
UCLA hosts major conference on curing brain diseases and disorders 05/21/2012
UCLA researchers develop way to strengthen proteins with polymers 05/21/2012
UCLA Medical Group receives two prestigious awards 05/18/2012
Comprehensive report documents impact of urologic diseases on American public 05/18/2012
Recent Allegations of Discrimination 05/18/2012
Chef Jamie Oliver, UCLA Health System bring life-changing cooking lessons to L.A. youth 05/17/2012
UCLA researchers map damaged connections in Phineas Gage's brain 05/16/2012
Want to avoid ED following prostate surgery? Find an experienced, gentle surgeon 05/16/2012
UCLA researchers ID gene variants that speed progression of Parkinson's disease 05/15/2012
This is your brain on sugar: UCLA study shows high-fructose diet sabotages learning, memory 05/15/2012
UCLA symposium to explore images of nurses and nursing in the media 05/08/2012
UCLA Alzheimer's and Dementia Care program receives $3.2M Health Care Innovation award 05/08/2012
Why underweight babies become obese: Study says disrupted hypothalamus is to blame 05/02/2012
New UCLA method quickly IDs nanomaterials that can cause oxidative damage to cells 05/01/2012
Supermodel-turned-filmmaker screens doc about maternal mortality at UCLA 05/01/2012
Devastating disease provides insight into development and death of motor neurons 04/29/2012
UCLA researchers combat global disease with a cell phone, Google Maps and a lot of ingenuity 04/26/2012
Growing up a neural stem cell: The importance of clinging together and then letting go 04/26/2012
Which ads are winners? Your brain knows better than you do 04/25/2012
UCLA Seeks Adults for Impact of Curcumin on Memory Study 04/19/2012
International team uncovers new genes that shape brain size, intelligence 04/15/2012
'Hybrid' surgery saves UCLA patient from softball-sized aneurysm 04/12/2012
UCLA-engineered stem cells seek out and kill HIV in living organisms 04/12/2012
Improv comedy workshops at UCLA to help military families deal with effects of war 04/11/2012
Legal expert explores risks, rewards of using stem cell products 04/11/2012
Heart failure patients with diabetes may benefit from higher glucose levels 04/09/2012
Innovative UCLA program provides opportunity for nurses to focus on gerontology 04/05/2012
Gene mutation identified as contributor to autism spectrum disorders 04/04/2012
Scientists use PET to predict increased survival in cancer patients after first chemo cycle 04/03/2012
Caloric moderation can reverse link between low birth weight and obesity, study finds 04/03/2012
UCLA Brain Injury Research Center gets NCAA funding for research on sports concussions 04/03/2012
10-year-old UCLA patient lends voice to raise awareness of 'adult' lung disease that affects kids too 04/02/2012
Fewer deaths, complications with robotic bladder cancer surgery, but cost is higher 04/02/2012
UCLA study identifies genes linked to post-traumatic stress disorder 04/02/2012
Second mutation in BRAF-mutated metastatic melanoma does not add to drug resistance 04/01/2012
Does the brain 'remember' antidepressants? 03/26/2012
Scientists identify novel pathway for T cell activation in leprosy 03/25/2012
Banner day for the Fielding School of Public Health 03/23/2012
Obituary: Paul H. Crandall, 89, UCLA professor pioneered surgical approach to treat epilepsy 03/22/2012
Kindergartners to present homemade 'quilt of valor' to UCLA's Operation Mend 03/21/2012
Dancing anxieties away on Match Day (Medical Students Flash Mob) 03/16/2012
Evidence builds that meditation strengthens the brain, UCLA researchers say 03/14/2012
UCLA to launch unique, comprehensive Alzheimer's and dementia care program 03/14/2012
A simple, low-cost yoga program can enhance coping and quality of life for the caregivers 03/13/2012
Insulin, nutrition prevent blood stem cell differentiation in the fruit fly 03/12/2012
UCLA School of Nursing's May 10 symposium will explore nursing images and the media 03/12/2012
Surgical treatment for epilepsy should not be viewed as a last resort, study shows 03/06/2012
Scientists pinpoint how vitamin D may help clear amyloid plaques found in Alzheimer's 03/06/2012
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