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UCLA study identifies genes linked to post-traumatic stress disorder 04/02/2012
Second mutation in BRAF-mutated metastatic melanoma does not add to drug resistance 04/01/2012
Does the brain 'remember' antidepressants? 03/26/2012
Scientists identify novel pathway for T cell activation in leprosy 03/25/2012
Banner day for the Fielding School of Public Health 03/23/2012
Obituary: Paul H. Crandall, 89, UCLA professor pioneered surgical approach to treat epilepsy 03/22/2012
Kindergartners to present homemade 'quilt of valor' to UCLA's Operation Mend 03/21/2012
Dancing anxieties away on Match Day (Medical Students Flash Mob) 03/16/2012
Evidence builds that meditation strengthens the brain, UCLA researchers say 03/14/2012
UCLA to launch unique, comprehensive Alzheimer's and dementia care program 03/14/2012
A simple, low-cost yoga program can enhance coping and quality of life for the caregivers 03/13/2012
Insulin, nutrition prevent blood stem cell differentiation in the fruit fly 03/12/2012
UCLA School of Nursing's May 10 symposium will explore nursing images and the media 03/12/2012
Surgical treatment for epilepsy should not be viewed as a last resort, study shows 03/06/2012
Scientists pinpoint how vitamin D may help clear amyloid plaques found in Alzheimer's 03/06/2012
Scientists uncover mechanism behind melanoma drug resistance 03/06/2012
Parkinson's disease stopped in animal model 03/02/2012
Study: Over 100,000 Californians likely to miss out on health care due to language barriers 02/29/2012
Brain food: Study provides further confirmation that eating fish is good for you 02/27/2012
Hyperactivity in brain may explain multiple symptoms of depression 02/27/2012
Study shows significant state-by-state differences in black, white life expectancy 02/23/2012
Newly approved drug for metastatic melanoma nearly doubles median survival 02/22/2012
UCLA engineers create cell phone-based sensor for detection of E. coli 02/22/2012
Combined use of recommended heart failure therapies significantly boosts survival odds 02/21/2012
UCLA discovery that migrating cells 'turn right' has implications for engineering tissues, organs 02/17/2012
School of Public Health receives $50 million gift, largest in school's 50-year history 02/16/2012
Tool assessing how community health centers deliver 'medical home' care may be flawed 02/15/2012
Parent-training intervention curbs pediatric obesity rates, study shows 02/15/2012
Radiation generates cancer stem cells from less aggressive breast cancer cells 02/15/2012
UCLA, Motion Picture and Television Fund join to establish new geriatric psychiatry unit 02/14/2012
UCLA brain-imaging technique predicts who will suffer cognitive decline over time 02/13/2012
All heart: UCLA docs guide mom with heart condition through birth, operate on newborn 02/13/2012
UCLA School of Nursing, LAUSD get middle schoolers moving 02/10/2012
UCLA faculty experts advisory: Testing pregnant women for thyroid function 02/09/2012
Eighth grader creates second iPhone app to benefit UCLA pediatric cancer research 02/08/2012
UCLA scientists boost memory by stimulating key site in brain 02/08/2012
Medical debt keeps rising, new report shows 02/06/2012
New device removes stroke-causing blood clots better than standard treatment 02/03/2012
UCLA Stroke Researcher Honored by the American Heart Association 02/02/2012
UCLA researchers identify peptide that inhibits replication of hepatitis C virus 02/02/2012
Stealthy leprosy pathogen evades critical vitamin D-dependent immune response 01/29/2012
Young breast cancer survivors face serious quality-of-life challenges 01/25/2012
Teen to meet 11 strangers who saved his life by donating blood, platelets 01/25/2012
Vision improves modestly in patients after human embryonic stem cell transplants 01/23/2012
Researchers uncover how new melanoma drug accelerates secondary skin cancers 01/18/2012
UCLA joins forces with White House to meet unique needs of veterans, families 01/18/2012
Diet counts: Iron intake in teen years can impact brain in later life 01/11/2012
Young UCLA leukemia patient launches kid-friendly cookbook, hosts book signing 01/11/2012
Move-in day goes smoothly at UCLA Medical Center Santa Monica 01/09/2012
Protein changes identified in early-onset Alzheimer's 01/09/2012
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