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UCLA faculty experts advisory: Testing pregnant women for thyroid function 02/09/2012
Eighth grader creates second iPhone app to benefit UCLA pediatric cancer research 02/08/2012
UCLA scientists boost memory by stimulating key site in brain 02/08/2012
Medical debt keeps rising, new report shows 02/06/2012
New device removes stroke-causing blood clots better than standard treatment 02/03/2012
UCLA Stroke Researcher Honored by the American Heart Association 02/02/2012
UCLA researchers identify peptide that inhibits replication of hepatitis C virus 02/02/2012
Stealthy leprosy pathogen evades critical vitamin D-dependent immune response 01/29/2012
Young breast cancer survivors face serious quality-of-life challenges 01/25/2012
Teen to meet 11 strangers who saved his life by donating blood, platelets 01/25/2012
Vision improves modestly in patients after human embryonic stem cell transplants 01/23/2012
Researchers uncover how new melanoma drug accelerates secondary skin cancers 01/18/2012
UCLA joins forces with White House to meet unique needs of veterans, families 01/18/2012
Diet counts: Iron intake in teen years can impact brain in later life 01/11/2012
Young UCLA leukemia patient launches kid-friendly cookbook, hosts book signing 01/11/2012
Move-in day goes smoothly at UCLA Medical Center Santa Monica 01/09/2012
Protein changes identified in early-onset Alzheimer's 01/09/2012
UCLA Health System’s New Santa Monica Campus Opens for Patient Care 01/09/2012
Chinese herbal medicine may provide novel treatment for alcohol abuse 01/05/2012
Professor's cell phone microscope honored as best innovation of 2011 01/05/2012
Home monitoring may help manage and reduce costs for heart failure 01/02/2012
Removal of lymph nodes during surgery for thyroid cancer may be beneficial 12/20/2011
UCLA Early Head Start program receives grant to enhance outdoor play for infants and toddlers 12/19/2011
Snipping key nerves may help life-threatening heart rhythms 12/19/2011
West Coast's first hand transplant recipient to ride in 2012 Rose Parade 12/19/2011
UCLA Department of Design | Media Arts announces events for winter 2012 12/16/2011
American College of Surgeons Honors UCLA Surgeon 12/15/2011
UCLA Physician Appointed Director of HRSA's Maternal and Child Health Bureau 12/12/2011
Older Californians with disabilities struggle to remain at home as public programs lose funding 12/07/2011
UCLA researchers suggest unconventional approach to control HIV epidemics 12/07/2011
Breathe easier: New parenting book addresses full range of children's respiratory issues 12/06/2011
Food served in children's hospitals rated largely unhealthy 12/01/2011
UCLA researchers identify new method for generating stem cell-like cells from human skin 12/01/2011
2 million Californians report mental health needs; most receive little or no treatment 11/30/2011
UCLA scientists engineer blood stem cells to fight melanoma 11/29/2011
Andrew C. Charles named inaugural holder of Luskin Chair in Migraine and Headache Studies 11/28/2011
UCLA Nursing's teen-mom intervention program to receive funding under Affordable Care Act 11/28/2011
Breast tenderness during combination hormone therapy linked to higher cancer risk 11/18/2011
Researcher Wins Prestigious Faculty Fellowship Award 11/18/2011
Fashion icon Donna Karan launches Urban Zen Integrative Therapy program at UCLA 11/17/2011
Goodbye, smoke! UCLA Health System goes smoke-free Nov. 17 11/16/2011
Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center Receives Heart Failure Care Award from the American Heart Association 11/15/2011
New mouthwash targeting harmful bacteria may render tooth decay a thing of the past 11/15/2011
Cpl. Aaron Mankin, Operation Mend spokesman and patient, honored at IAVA Heroes Gala 11/10/2011
California making headway in battle against childhood obesity, but successes are uneven 11/09/2011
Drug-resistant infections: A new epidemic, and what you can do to help 11/09/2011
'Tis better to give than to receive? 11/09/2011
UCLA biologists slow the aging process in fruit flies 11/08/2011
Imaging technique IDs plaques, tangles in brains of severely depressed older adults 11/08/2011
Early trial suggests rectal microbicide is safe, could significantly reduce HIV transmission 11/07/2011
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