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2.5 million California children still at risk of secondhand smoke exposure 10/27/2011
Chief of Cardiothoracic Surgery Elected Vice Chair of American Board of Thoracic Surgery 10/27/2011
Disneyland Awards Grant to UCLA's TIES for Families Program 10/27/2011
UCLA helps convert East L.A. corner store from 'food desert' into healthy food oasis 10/26/2011
You are what you eat: Low-fat diet with fish oil slows growth of prostate cancer cells 10/25/2011
UCLA volunteers provide free health care at clinic in downtown Los Angeles 10/21/2011
The holidays are coming! Buy your holiday cards now and support Mattel Children's Hospital UCLA 10/21/2011
Breast tenderness following combo hormone therapy linked to increased breast density 10/21/2011
Autistic brains develop more slowly than healthy brains, UCLA researchers say 10/20/2011
UCLA gets $2.8 million from NIH to develop saliva test to diagnose Sjögren's syndrome 10/19/2011
UCLA Neurosurgery gets $2M donation to establish endowed chair in epilepsy research 10/17/2011
UCLA event to explore links between health and labor trafficking, organ trafficking 10/17/2011
New method helps researchers zero in on drugs that can kill brain cancer stem cells 10/13/2011
UCLA study pinpoints types of bacteria in saliva associated with pancreatic cancer 10/13/2011
'Operation Mend' Camaro auction raises $366K to benefit America's wounded warriors 10/12/2011
UCLA events highlight integration of Eastern healing traditions, Western medicine 10/12/2011
Scientists find vitamin D is crucial in human immune response to tuberculosis 10/12/2011
UCLA Basketball and Mattel Children's Hospital UCLA Host Fourth Annual "Dribble for the Cure" 10/10/2011
Physicians treating Latinos have high hurdles to jump, study shows 10/10/2011
Herceptin with chemotherapy boosts survival significantly in early breast cancer 10/06/2011
More insight into the secret life of the American teen 10/06/2011
Clinical trial uncovers potential 'functional cure' for HIV/AIDS 10/04/2011
Hysterectomy is associated with increased levels of iron in the brain 10/04/2011
Mattel Children's Hospital UCLA to host 12th annual 'Mattel Party on the Pier' 10/04/2011
How the brain makes memories: rhythmically! 10/03/2011
UCLA center announces student winners of first 'business venture in science' competition 09/30/2011
UCLA geneticists develop promising mouse model for testing new autism therapies 09/29/2011
Researchers devise index for predicting long-term survival after liver re-transplantation 09/29/2011
Big Tobacco knew radioactive particles in cigarettes posed cancer risk but kept quiet 09/28/2011
Tickets Available for the 12th Annual Mattel Party on the Pier Benefitting Mattel Children's Hospital UCLA 09/28/2011
Asians fighting alcoholism may benefit from new UCLA study 09/26/2011
Reality TV auto customizer, auction house team up to benefit UCLA's Operation Mend 09/23/2011
Over-the-counter dietary supplement may lower risk of diabetes, metabolic syndrome 09/22/2011
UCLA scientists find H1N1 flu virus prevalent in animals in Africa 09/22/2011
Researchers develop system that finds prostate cancer metastases earlier 09/22/2011
Large study finds genetic 'overlap' between schizophrenia, bipolar disorder 09/21/2011
UCLA scientists uncover potential target for treating common form of early-onset dementia 09/21/2011
Stressed and strapped: Caregivers for friends, relatives suffer emotional and financial strain 09/21/2011
Famous 'Red Violin' performance supports UCLA Division of Digestive Diseases 09/20/2011
Buyer beware: Advertising may seduce your brain, UCLA researchers say 09/20/2011
Nurse practitioners 'critical link' in meeting new care demands sparked by health reform 09/16/2011
Estrogen treatment may help reverse severe pulmonary hypertension 09/15/2011
Blocking cholesterol in brain cancer cells may offer new strategy to fight deadly gloiblastomas 09/15/2011
Mortgage modification policies slow employment recovery, UCLA economists say 09/14/2011
Chemical in spice turmeric kickstarts cancer-killing mechanisms in human saliva 09/14/2011
With help from UCLA, teenage cancer patient begins to make strides 09/13/2011
UCLA Health System dedicates new Santa Monica campus 09/10/2011
Wireless health startup is first to 'graduate' from UCLA's on-campus technology incubator 09/09/2011
New limits on physician training hours could prove costly for U.S. teaching hospitals 09/08/2011
Whose kid are you? Brain cancer stem cells differ greatly from the cancer cells they create 09/07/2011
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