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Alzheimer's risk gene disrupts brain's wiring 50 years before disease hits 05/12/2011
Researchers discover way to 'amp up' power of killer T cells in immune system 05/11/2011
Disney's Kenton Duty to host 12th annual 5K to benefit Mattel Children's Hospital UCLA 05/11/2011
UCLA News|Week: The latest on antibiotic-resistant 'super-bugs' 05/11/2011
New technology fuses MRI, ultrasound to achieve targeted biopsy of prostate cancer 05/11/2011
UCLA's inaugural Nurse 21 Awards to honor champions of nursing 05/11/2011
Two new studies describe likely beneficiaries of health care reform in California 05/10/2011
Fighting drug-resistant 'super-bugs': UCLA expert offers protection tips 05/10/2011
Six UCLA stem cell scientists awarded more than $8 million in state grants 05/05/2011
Getting to the HIV test: It takes a village 05/04/2011
Hitting target in cancer fight now easier with new nanoparticle platform, UCLA scientists say 05/04/2011
Latinas victimized by domestic violence much likelier to experience postpartum depression 05/04/2011
'I'm a tumor and I'm over here!' Nanovaults used to prod immune system to fight cancer 05/03/2011
Future of health care 05/03/2011
UCLA pediatrician becomes a voice for children in Japan 05/03/2011
Researchers discover mechanism that could convert certain cells into insulin-making cells 04/29/2011
UC regent Sherry Lansing, filmmaker William Friedkin launch project to fight surgical infections 04/28/2011
Can traumatic memories be erased? 04/27/2011
Cheap shots: National symposium tackles controversial portrayals of nurses in media 04/25/2011
Scientists engineer nanoscale vaults to encapsulate 'nanodisks' for drug delivery 04/20/2011
ACE inhibitors may increase risk of recurrence in breast cancer survivors 04/20/2011
UCLA's three-year kidney transplant survival rate is top in the nation 04/20/2011
UCLA study identifies cell of origin for squamous cell cancer 04/20/2011
UCLA's first hand transplant patient adapting well to new hand 04/19/2011
Experimental drug slows ovarian cancer growth, increases survival in mouse model 04/15/2011
Nursing research conference spotlights work by UCLA School of Nursing faculty, students 04/12/2011
Clean copy: New educational booklet helps patients prepare for a colonoscopy 04/12/2011
UCLA to introduce West Coast's first hand transplant recipient 04/12/2011
Key guideline-recommended therapies improve survival for heart failure patients 04/04/2011
Study finds cholesterol regulator plays key role in development of liver scarring, cirrhosis 03/30/2011
Older lesbians, gays have higher rates of chronic disease, mental distress, isolation 03/29/2011
Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center ranked top hospital in Los Angeles metro area 03/29/2011
Chase Foundation gift a major boost for Child Life program at Mattel Children's Hospital UCLA 03/28/2011
UCLA's cancer 'roadmap' could help combat resistance to targeted drug therapies 03/24/2011
Study of how brain corrects perceptual errors has implications for brain injuries, robotics 03/22/2011
Personalized vaccine doubles survival time in patients with deadly brain cancer 03/21/2011
Scientists ID possible biomarker to gauge Alzheimer's prognosis, effect of therapies 03/17/2011
Risk of hospital patient mortality increases with nurse staffing shortfalls, study finds 03/16/2011
UCLA medical students brace for news at residency 'Match Day' 03/16/2011
Tai chi beats back depression in the elderly, study shows 03/16/2011
UCLA scientists create new cell lines from ocular melanoma patients 03/10/2011
UCLA performs first hand transplant in the western United States 03/07/2011
UCLA researchers use 'nano-Velcro' technology to improve capture of circulating cancer cells 03/07/2011
New drug regimens cut HIV spread from mother to infant, NIH study shows 03/04/2011
Tobacco smoking impacts teens' brains, UCLA study shows 03/02/2011
Tenofovir gel protects rectal tissue against HIV, UCLA-led study finds 03/01/2011
Study looks at how homeless kids' use of online social networks can affect sexual behavior 02/25/2011
Neuroscientist helps pave way for Dalai Lama's visit 02/24/2011
Motion Picture and Television Fund patients to benefit from new UCLA neurological rehab unit 02/24/2011
National Children's Study rolls out in Los Angeles County 02/22/2011
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