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Title Date
UCLA researchers among teams receiving NIH funds to find a cure for HIV 07/15/2011
Is meditation the push-up for the brain? 07/13/2011
UCLA receives six UC health quality grants to improve hospital care 07/12/2011
UCLA launches program to provide face, hand and abdominal wall transplants 07/11/2011
Nearly all patients with high-grade bladder cancer don't get recommended care 07/11/2011
UCLA Health System statement on records breach investigation, resolution agreement 07/07/2011
Dr. Timothy Miller Selected 2011 Alumnus of the Year 06/30/2011
Kid-run cancer nonprofit to give grants to Mattel Children's Hospital UCLA 06/30/2011
Up to 220,000 California children excluded from health care reform due to immigrant status 06/30/2011
CT scans significantly more effective than chest X-rays in reducing lung cancer deaths 06/29/2011
Researchers discover new airway stem cell 06/28/2011
Sweating the small stuff: Early adversity, prior depression linked to high sensitivity to stress 06/28/2011
Breaking the chain: 'Molecular cap' blocks processes that lead to Alzheimer's, HIV 06/22/2011
UCLA scientists accurately predict age using just a saliva sample 06/22/2011
Angioplasty with stents may be safe in long-term for low-risk heart patients, study shows 06/22/2011
Peter K. Moy named to UCLA's Nobel Biocare Endowed Chair in Surgical Implant Dentistry 06/21/2011
Teens maintain their religion as part of their identity during turbulent high school years 06/17/2011
UCLA News|Week: The mind-brain-body connection 06/15/2011
UCLA opens expanded center to study mind-brain-body links in chronic medical disorders 06/15/2011
UCLA Brain Injury Expert Receives “Strength of the Nation Award” from U.S. Army 06/15/2011
Prostate cancer circumvents hormone therapy by activating alternate signaling pathway 06/14/2011
Out of reach? Rural elders have highest rates of obesity, diabetes, heart disease 06/14/2011
UCLA and partners receive major NIH Clinical and Translational Science Award 06/14/2011
Sugar-binding protein may play a role in HIV infection 06/13/2011
Brain scan identifies patterns of plaques and tangles in adults with Down syndrome 06/13/2011
Tens of thousands of lives could potentially be saved by key heart failure therapies 06/06/2011
UCLA scientists identify how major biological sensor in the body works 06/06/2011
Antiretroviral drugs can significantly lower risk of getting HIV, but is the public buying? 06/02/2011
Pediatric researchers win awards from Today's and Tomorrow's Children Fund 05/31/2011
More than one-third of California teens do not participate in school physical education 05/31/2011
UCLA Health System joins new collaborative that seeks to improve care, lower costs 05/26/2011
High risk of Parkinson's disease for people exposed to pesticides near workplace 05/26/2011
People with body-image disorders process 'big picture' visual information abnormally 05/26/2011
UCLA News|Week: Treating illness with compassion 05/25/2011
Treating HIV patients early with antiretrovirals significantly reduces spread of virus to partners 05/25/2011
Autism changes molecular structure of the brain, UCLA study finds 05/25/2011
New book describes UCLA Health System's journey to operational excellence 05/24/2011
Unique nerve-stimulation treatment proves effective against drug-resistant epilepsy 05/24/2011
Paraplegic man stands, steps with assistance and moves his legs voluntarily 05/19/2011
UCLA News|Week: Iran's nuclear threat 05/18/2011
UCLA to hold grand opening of Global Bio Lab 05/18/2011
New experimental test for prostate cancer more sensitive, specific than PSA test 05/17/2011
Mattel Children's Hospital UCLA ranked among best children's hospitals in U.S. 05/17/2011
Couples-oriented programs found to boost healthy behaviors among African Americans 05/16/2011
Alzheimer's risk gene disrupts brain's wiring 50 years before disease hits 05/12/2011
Researchers discover way to 'amp up' power of killer T cells in immune system 05/11/2011
Disney's Kenton Duty to host 12th annual 5K to benefit Mattel Children's Hospital UCLA 05/11/2011
UCLA News|Week: The latest on antibiotic-resistant 'super-bugs' 05/11/2011
New technology fuses MRI, ultrasound to achieve targeted biopsy of prostate cancer 05/11/2011
UCLA's inaugural Nurse 21 Awards to honor champions of nursing 05/11/2011
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