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UCLA Stroke Center makes American Heart Association's 'Target: Stroke' honor roll 02/01/2011
Aging safely at home? California's disabled elderly are barely holding on 01/31/2011
Public health dean, prof receive presidential appointment to panel 01/31/2011
Conference looks at HIV among gay, bisexual African American men 01/27/2011
Woman to meet 18 strangers who saved her life by donating blood, platelets 01/27/2011
Research suggests HIV causes rapid aging in key infection-fighting cells 01/27/2011
Artists with autism, Down syndrome teach lesson on caring to UCLA medical students 01/26/2011
High school entrepreneur introduces UCLA pediatric patients to his 'Fuzzy Stix' creations 01/24/2011
Health reform law can help align Medicare with preventive care recommendations 01/21/2011
Intervention helps curb older adults' drinking but doesn't significantly lower drinking risks 01/20/2011
UCLA School of Music brings respite to patients, staff at Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center 01/19/2011
How will health reform affect care for chronic diseases? Ask experts at UCLA symposium 01/19/2011
UCLA statement on Zsa Zsa Gabor’s condition following today’s surgery 01/14/2011
Professor Donald Kohn to speak Jan. 18 on the use of stem cells to combat disease 01/13/2011
Why coffee protects against diabetes 01/13/2011
New UCLA-designed microscope records firing of thousands of individual neurons in 3-D 01/11/2011
Two UCLA scholars named fellows of American Association for the Advancement of Science 01/11/2011
UCLA Wireless Health Institute (WHI) 01/10/2011
Protein thought to protect against oxidative stress also promotes clogging of arteries 01/10/2011
Thomas Strouse named to new Maddie Katz Chair in Palliative Care Research and Education 12/16/2010
UCLA Department of Design | Media Arts announces events for winter 2011 12/16/2010
Most Medicare stroke patients die or are rehospitalized within year after discharge 12/16/2010
Asthma disproportionately affects low-income populations 12/16/2010
Volunteers with dogs to carol through pediatric unit at Mattel Children's Hospital UCLA 12/14/2010
UCLA researchers find that Medicaid-funded ADHD treatment for children is failing 12/09/2010
UCLA's heart transplant program ranked best in the U.S. 12/09/2010
UCLA News Week: Ovulating women and their dads 12/09/2010
Add-on device converts cell phones into wide-field fluorescent microscopes 12/07/2010
'Beating heart' technology could revolutionize field of heart transplantation 12/06/2010
UCLA scientists discover mechanism that transforms healthy cells into prostate cancer 12/03/2010
UCLA biochemists develop new method for preventing oxidative damage to cells 12/01/2010
5.7 million Californians lack access to job-based coverage 11/30/2010
New tool to measure quality of patient care 11/29/2010
Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center honored for excellence in heart failure care 11/29/2010
Cancer researchers discover drug-resistance mechanisms in most common type of melanoma 11/24/2010
Police, FBI investigating threats to UCLA researchers 11/23/2010
UCLA team uncovers mechanism behind organ transplant rejection 11/18/2010
Antibiotic Treatment for Pediatric Ear Infections Provides Modest Benefits and Some Risks, Study Finds 11/16/2010
$10-million grant for leading-edge imaging center at UCLA is renewed 11/16/2010
Harley bikers will make 21st annual toy run at UCLA's Mattel Children's Hospital on Nov. 21 11/16/2010
Robot helps prof train new surgeons in Italy 11/15/2010
'Dribble for the Cure III' Raises $95,000 for the Fight Against Children's Cancer 11/12/2010
UCLA researchers identify molecular program for brain repair following stroke 11/09/2010
Researchers ID potential target for therapy in patients with deadly type of prostate cancer 11/08/2010
UCLA uses hybrid, precision heart procedures to help stop deadly arrhythmias 11/08/2010
Study shows extreme form of pregnancy-related morning sickness could be genetic 11/04/2010
Study reveals why brain has limited capacity for repair after stroke, IDs new drug target 11/03/2010
UCLA study reveals how autism-risk gene rewires the brain 11/03/2010
Peptide being tested to treat atherosclerosis found to inhibit ovarian cancer growth 11/02/2010
Microfluidics-imaging platform detects cancer growth signaling in minute biopsy samples 11/01/2010
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