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Mattel Children's Hospital UCLA
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Important Safety Reminders


Preventing the spread of germs

hand washingWe must be extra cautious to prevent the spread of infection. The best way to prevent this is by washing your hands with soap and hot water or by using the alcohol-based sanitizer in your child’s room. Please wash your hands before entering and before leaving the patient’s room. If your child is on isolation precautions (indicated by a colored sign on the door), your child’s nurse will give you special instructions on preventing the spread of infection to you, your family members or other patients.

Pediatric unit security

For our patient’s safety, the doors of the unit are equipped with alarms, and all visitors must be registered to enter or exit the unit. To enter the unit, all family and visitors must ring the bell next to the door and the receptionist will buzz you in. To exit, please ask the front desk or another staff member to access the door to prevent setting off the alarm.

Additionally, a Visitor Log is kept at the front desk for each patient. Upon admission, your nurse will ask the name of approved visitors for each patient. Those on the approved list will be immediately allowed entry to visit the patient. Any visitors not on the approved list will require permission from the patient’s legal guardian before they can visit.