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Today's and Tomorrow's Children Fund (TTCF)


Philanthropy Simplified

As part of the UCLA Children's Discovery and Innovation Institute, Today's and Tomorrow's Children Fund (TTCF) was born out of the belief that, by pooling their donations, a group of committed individuals can award a major gift every year to make an important difference in the work of talented UCLA Pediatrics faculty members whose cutting edge research benefits the boys and girls at Mattel Children's Hospital UCLA.

Our approach is simple:  members each commit $5,000 or more annually, then have the opportunity to vote from a ballot of projects prescreened by the Physician-in-Chief of Mattel Children's Hospital UCLA; each member has an equal vote. Everyone will be invited to the annual faculty presentation day, where the three Pediatrics faculty members who received the most votes will present their research. Members will then vote again to determine how to award that year's group gift. All gift recipients submit a report to TTCF members that summarizes the impact of the gift in their various areas of research or clinical care so that members can see their dollars in action. 

Since its inception in 2006, TTCF has raised more than $1.75 million to fund 16 innovative research projects, which have a profound effect on children at Mattel Children's Hospital UCLA and beyond.

Dr. Satiro De Oliveira, Dr. Andrey M. Mazarati and Dr. Kara Calkins gather with members of the Today's and Tomorrow's Children Fund during the 8th Annual Faculty Presentation and Awards Day on May 9

Learn more about our 2013 Award Recipients, some of our previous winners, history of TTCF and members.

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TTCF Calendar

  • 2014 Membership Campaign: June 2013 - August 2014
  • Abstract review and candidate selection (open to members only): September 2014
  • 9th Annual Today's and Tomorrow's Children Fund Faculty Presentations & Awards (open to members only): November 4, 2014

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