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Careers after Residency


Our residents are prepared to do everything!

Our residency program strives to give comprehensive training, balancing focus on both "subspecialty" and "primary" care. Over the last 5 years, approximately half of our program's graduates have gone into primary care and half have gone into subspecialty fellowships.

Primary Care Career Focus:

We believe that our core continuity clinic and general pediatrics ward experiences, community partnerships, and innovative programs like the Community Health and Advocacy Training program (CHAT) and the Medical Home Program at UCLA, provide us with the foundations to mold the incredible residents we recruit into the future leaders of pediatrics, ready to practice at the top of their licenses.

We are proud to have a long track-record of preparing residents to work in the community as primary care pediatricians, which stems from the diversity of residents we attract and the diversity of training experiences we offer.

Among those graduates who have gone into primary care, about 25% have gone on to receive additional training, in programs like,

  • Robert Wood Johnson Clinic Scholars program
  • Maternal Child Health Fellowships funded by the federal government (HRSA, NRSA, Maternal Child Health Bureau)
  • CDC Epidemiology Investigation Service

Those graduates who have gone directly into community practice are now successful general pediatricians or hospitalists across the country, in cities such as Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, San Diego, Denver, Chicago, and many others.  Our residents are active at the local, regional and national levels of the American Academic of Pediatrics.  Several residents have held national positions with the AAP, including liaisons to Sections of School Health, CATCH, and Epidemiology.  In addition, many of our residents have obtained funding for primary care projects through the AAP Community Access to Child Health program (CATCH grant program).



Subspeciality Care Career Focus:

Our subspecialty faculty are national leaders in their fields, and offer extensive research and clinical opportunities for the program.  Interactions with the UCLA fellowship programs afford our residents exposure and mentorship in every field.  Electives are offered in all subspecialties, including research electives to dedicate substantial time on a research project.  Adviser and Interest Group meetings with faculty provide a supportive environment for residents to find career-decision making guidance, as well as fellowship application assistance.

Many of our residents are successful in publishing their research, presenting at national conferences, and obtaining resident grants to support or reward their projects.

We are proud to have a long track-record of sending residents to subspecialty fellowships at the most competitive programs across the country.


2007-2011 Graduates
Fellowship/Post-Graduate Training by Specialty Fellowship/Post-Graduate Training by Institution General Pediatrics Fellowships General Pediatrics Practice
Allergy & Immunology (5)
Anesthesiology (1)
Cardiology (15)
Critical Care (3)
Dermatology (1)
Developmental Pediatrics (1)
Emergency Medicine (1)
Endocrinology (3)
Epidemiology (1)
Gastroenterology (6)
Hematology/Oncology (8)
Infectious Diseases (5)
Neonatology (6)
Nephrology (9)
Neurology (6)
Rheumatology (1)
Sports Medicine (3)
Harvard - Boston Children's Hospital
Center for Disease Control
Children's Hospital of LA
Columbia University
Duke Univeristy
Johns Hopkins University
Seattle Children's Hospital
Stanford University
SUNY Brooklyn
UC San Diego
UC San Francisco
University of Chicago
University of Colorado
University of Michigan
University of Miami
University of Pennsylvania
University of Texas
Robert Wood Johnson Clinical Scholars Program, UCLA
NRSA Academic Primary Care Fellowship, UCLA
Maternal and Child Health Bureau Academic Primary Care, UCLA
Community Health Fellowship, Kaiser
Community Health Fellowship, New York University

Hospitalist (11)
General pediatrics private or group practice (30)
General pediatrics, free and community clinics (16)
Medical Dir, Medical Home (1)
Med/Peds Primary Care, UCLA
Other general pediatrics (e.g. CHLA urgent care, Juvenile Hall) (7)
Health policy, Washington DC (1)