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Resident Life


Quality of life is critical to inspiring a great learning environment. The leadership of the Pediatric Residency at UCLA strives to help inspire and enrich the residency experience. We list various ways of accomplishing these goals here!


Retreats: Twice a year residents attend a fall and spring retreat for several days to help relieve residents of duties, have fun, and to conference about related residency topics. The Fall retreat is held in Ventura County by the beach and the Spring retreat is held at the UCLA Sunset Recreation center.  

Resident Orientations: Starting at the beginning of each year of residency is an orientation dedicated to preparing residents for the upcoming year. Each orientation caters to the development of progress

Senior Banquet: Senior Banquet, at the end of the academic year, celebrates the senior residents as the graduate from the residency program to start their careers as Pediatricians and Fellows.

Happy Hours: both planned and impromptu, are well-attended and add to the already strong support networks for all involved in the training program.


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Post MD 2



Post MD 3



Post MD 4



Meal Cards: Residents are provided meal cards and money to help support lunch and dinner while on long shifts at all sites.  In addition, Morning Reports at UCLA supply breakfast.

Book Money: Every resident is given several hundred dollars each year to use for educational purposes including books, USMLE, Pediatric Boards, Licenses, Conferences, Travel, Resources such as stethoscopes, mobile diagnostic programs, or others.

Conferences: Residents presenting at conferences are given financial support from the Department of Pediatrics

Moving Allowance: This year, interns were given a moving allowance of $2,500 to help offset costs of relocating to Southern California.

Global Health Travel: Residents traveling for an international elective are given financial support from the Department to offset travel costs and room/board.

Insurance: Housestaff and dependants eligible for health, dental and vision care insurance benefits. Life insurance and disability insurance are available.

Miscellaneous: AAP Membership, parenting support, compensation for poster and conference presentations, 4-week vacation, 12 sick days, and much more.