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Mattel Children's Hospital UCLA
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Raman Sankar, M.D., Ph.D.

Lawrence Kagan, M.D. and FAAP

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At Mattel Children's Hospital UCLA, we vow to care for children in a compassionate and family-centered environment; recognizing that as caregivers, we must pay the utmost attention to the special social and emotional needs of hospitalized children and their families. It takes a special partnership among our world-class physicians, nurses, and healthcare professionals to meet those needs. Sometimes, these caregivers become "heroes" to our patients and their families.


If you would like to say "Thank you" to a doctor, nurse, or Hospital staff member, you can click here to make a gift recognizing them in our Honor Children's Heroes Program. These "heroes" will receive special recognition on this site.  If you had an experience at Mattel Children's Hospital UCLA that you would like to share, send us your thoughts via Twitter or Facebook and your story may be highlighted online or in future Hospital publications.