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Pediatric Rapid Response Team


Pediatric Rapid Response Team

The Pediatric Rapid Response Team is a group of medical professionals who bring critical care expertise to the bedside. Sometimes a child’s medical condition changes quickly in the hospital. If you are alarmed by a change in your child’s medical condition, and are not satisfied with the primary team’s response, you may page the Pediatric Rapid Response Team for help.

The Pediatric Rapid Response Team is activated through the hospital page operator. You may call from your cell phone or a public phone by dialing (310) 825-6301, or using the hospital phone by dialing Ext. 5-6301.

You may also ask your nurse or any hospital employee to activate the system for you.

When the operator answers, give him/her the patient’s name and location (room number), and ask him/her to active the Pediatric Rapid Response Team.