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Mattel Children's Hospital UCLA
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Chase Child Life Program


A Caring Partnership

Child Life SpecialistChild Life Specialists use age-appropriate techniques to prepare children for upcoming medical procedures, presenting information honestly and with concrete examples that a child can understand. Children, for example, may try on a mask and gown or lie on a hospital gurney to learn how it feels. Child Life Specialists may use a medical kit, books, dolls and other models while explaining a procedure, giving children a greater sense of control.

Child Life Specialists also spend time with parents and other family members before and during procedures, and afterward they organize therapeutic play and educational programs to help children to develop positive coping skills during their recovery.

Community volunteers are an important part of Chase Child Life Program, helping to coordinate special events and arts-and-crafts or other projects. And they are available to play a video game, read a story or simply sit at a child's bedside to provide comfort and companionship.