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Chase Child Life Program


Music Therapy

A champion of creative arts therapies and non-pharmacological approaches to pain management, the Chase Child Life Program established the University of California's inaugural music therapy program in July 2007. The Program serves children with particularly acute needs who lack a full range of social and emotional stimulation due to extended hospitalizations.
Music therapy is a form of noninvasive intervention and, according to the American Music Therapy Association, "unique outcomes are possible." These include opportunities for stress reduction, pain management, and positive emotional states, all potentially leading to a decreased length of stay for hospitalized patients. Additionally, music has been found to have a calming effect on patients, positively impacting blood pressure and respiration. Parents can use music as a form of communication with young patients, helping the child to feel safe and secure in the medical environment. For adolescents coping with chronic illness, music therapy increases opportunities for healthy emotional expression, identity development, and independence, which promote better adaptation within the hospital environment.
For more information about supporting music therapy initiatives, please contact Kellye Carroll, program manager, at (310) 267-9435 or Laura Pescatore, associate director of development, at (310) 267-1836.