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The Gift of Knowledge for Research and Medical Education The UCLA Donated Body Program provides human cadavers for scientific anatomical studies essential to teaching and research for UCLA and its affiliates. The majority of the donated bodies are used to teach anatomy to health science professionals on our campus. Anatomy, the study of the human body, is one of the first and most important courses in the education of physicians and other healing art professionals. Anatomy is usually taught in the first year of medical school and serves as the foundation for other courses in pathology, physiology and surgery. Additionally, residents, practicing physicians and other researchers review anatomy in connection with specialized training for surgery or research. Some willed bodies may also be assigned to other educational or research institutions.

UCLA is one of the foremost medical research institutions in the world, carrying on studies in numerous fields in order to discover new methods of fighting disease, alleviating suffering and assisting in recovery from injury. The donation of willed bodies provides a vital tool for scientists to increase medical knowledge and improve skills. The UCLA Donated Body Program (DBP) is a team composed of highly motivated professionals dedicated to ensuring the highest standards within the medical science field. We are committed to education of medical and other allied health science students.

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